Quality Time on the High Seas

 Although Bonito (aka False Albacore) aren’t very good table fare, they do put up a hard fight that any young angler would be happy to battle. Bonito are mainly used for bait. Made into trolling strips or cut into chunks for bottom fishing. Look for plenty of action when the Lady K drifts through a shoal of these feisty torpedos during the summer months.

 In the mix of Bonito, Black-fin Tuna can be caught like the two these young angler produced while fishing with his family aboard the Lady K. Having never fished on the ocean before, this young angler will have great memories of fishing with his family to last a lifetime. What a great story for show-n-tell next year!

 Kayla, Samantha and their father Jerome had a great time catching kingfish and a cobia. Our experienced crews will teach your family how to catch fish and share in the excitement of your first catch, large or small. Have a camera ready when a young angler hooks up because most fish will have the brightest colors as soon as they come into the boat. Also make sure your family uses plenty of sunscreen and drinks alot of fluids during the trip. Come on out and spend a few hours fishing with your family aboard the Lady K, we’ll try to make it the best quality time you’ve ever spent.



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