August Fishing Heats Up

 Anglers await their fish being off-loaded from the Lady K. Good catches of King mackerel, Yellow-tail snapper, Mutton snapper, Bonito and Jacks continue during the late summer months.

 An angler battles a large sailfish while mate Rich looks on with words of advice and encouragement. Sailfish are a by-catch aboard the Lady K and offer anglers a few exciting moments of jumps and grey-hounding leaps……………..

 …….. and after a few boatside photos, the fish swims off to fight another day. In addition to the fishing, many anglers have had the opportunity to watch spotted porpoise, bottlenose dolphin and sea turtles while drifting along the south Palm Beach county coastlines. Plan your trip today for an inexpensive offshore excursion aboard the Lady K.



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