Unusual September Catches

 With over 250 different species of fish along the reefs of Palm Beach county many unusual fish such as the Porcupine Puffer pictured above can be caught aboard the Lady K year round. Armed with sharp spines all around their bodies, these fish will fill themselves with water to expose spines and make themselves appear larger to such predators as Barracudas and sharks.

 What the……………. This catch really takes the cake! Yes, the Lady K brought aboard a Largemouth Bass that was still kicking when it was snagged by a guppy rig. The fish was most likely flushed out into the ocean through a spillway right after the previous days’ rain and the Lady K had one of her anglers at the right place at the right time.

 Every month brings surprise catches aboard the Lady K to all kinds of anglers, beginners and professionals alike. To help increase your odds in hooking that catch of a lifetime, ask our experienced crews for assistance or fishing tips while enjoying the serenity that offshore angling offers aboard the Lady K.



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