Dorado (also known as Mahi mahi or dolphin-fish) have been showing up during some of the Lady K’s September trips. Warm ocean currents, steady east winds and choppy seas are the right mixture to give anglers a shot at catching one of these beautiful and great eating game-fish. Remember to have your bait close to the boat (at least 25 to 50 feet away) when one of these acrobatic fish is being fought up to boat for they usually swim in pairs or schools of up to 50 fish, depending on their size.

 Up close and personal. The Dorado flash many different shades of color while its feeding, fighting and after being put on ice. This fish ate a triple hooked sardine on a boat rod supplied by Barjack Fishing for the Lady K and it was our experienced crew members who assisted the proud novice angler in bringing her catch back to the dock, just in time for dinner.

 Fabulous fall fishing is just around the corner and the Lady K is your means to great offshore fishing. Catches are still including large Yellow-tail snapper, Dorado, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Skipjack Tuna and Mutton snapper. Come rain or shine, choppy seas or not, it’s fishing time and the Lady K is where their caught.

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