The Beauty and the Beast

 This 45 pound Wahoo was no match for Norma on the rod and reel. She did a great job fighting the fish as the crew and other anglers coached her on during the 20 minute battle. The fish was her third one caught after being given instructions on how to use the rod and reel by one of the crew members. She also managed to bring aboard four nice Yellow-tail snapper. All of her fish were caught using triple hooked sardines and a 1 1/2 ounce sinker rigged to one of the Lady K’s boat rods.

 Wahoo are a great game-fish and excellent eating too. Their blistering runs can exceed 45 miles per hour so hang on tight to your fishing pole when battling one of these bruisers of the deep. Their indigo-blue tiger stripes and golden lateral line also make them a beautiful mount fish for the avid trophy fisherman. Although Wahoo are commonly caught while trolling, they are frequently caught aboard the Lady K during windy days of fall and winter when the vessel is drifting fast across the reefs.

 Not sure of the weather forecast? Call us at   561-588-7612  for up to date conditions on board the Lady K.  Don’t delay, plan your trip today aboard the Lady K and enjoy fishing fun under the Florida sun.



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