Fishing Club Slam Snappers and Releases Sailfish

 The Lady K has been the vessel of choice for many local fishing clubs through the decades. This week a group of anglers fished aboard the Lady K and caught some nice fish such as the Mutton snapper pictured above along with various jacks, triggerfish, vermillion snapper, king mackerel and file fish.

 The last fish of the trip was a beautiful Sailfish by another club member hanging on while the fish makes a long run on one of the boat’s rods supplied by Barjack Fishing, included in our affordable price which covers everything you need for your offshore adventure.

Below are some photos of the fish as it was “wired” up to the boat to be released and fight another day……….

 the fish’s re-entry into the crystal clear navy water of the south Atlantic Ocean after a jump……..

and one last photo as the late morning sun dances across the surface, gracefully sliced by the fish’s tail and dorsal “sail”.

 There are many benefits for fishing clubs aboard the Lady K. Our crews are full of fishing knowledge acquired by decades of experience and Barjack Fishing offers discounted group rates for clubs (see our trips/rates page and use the contact us page for more information to book your trip) and you can call              561-588-7612     to ask our captains for more information. We work hard so you don’t have to.



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