December Delights


 The cold temperatures couldn’t keep this visitor from Wyoming away and the rewards were great Blackfin Tuna action. Football sized fish up to ten pounds have been taken by anglers using light leaders and small sardines for bait, the added bonus is a great sushi lunch after the trip.

 This nice Ocean Tally, a member of the triggerfish family, ate a whole sardine and was invited home for an excellent dinner. The white, firm meat makes members of the triggerfish and file fish families excellent table fare. The fish can be caught on both bottom rigs, using squid, and on sardines rigs while fishing for larger game.

 Schoolie sized Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) have been showing up before and after the cold fronts pass through. When someone hooks up with one of these great eating fish be sure to slowly reel your bait up close to the boat and better your chance of bringing home a nice meal.

 King Mackerel have been scattered so far this month but continue being caught by anglers fishing sardines close to the bottom. Fish ranging from 5 to 20 pounds have been caught by anglers either reeling in to check their bait or by others just letting out a lot of line and sitting the rod in the holder. The joy of fishing is never knowing what’s going to take your bait.

 Plan a trip today with family or friends who may be visiting for this holiday season and enjoy the historic past-time that is Florida – fishing. Visitors during this time of year have also been given the opportunity to witness Manatees, Dolphin and Porpoise while the Lady K makes her runs out to the fishing grounds. We also have gift certificates available at the ticket office or in the Sportsman Park Bait and Tackle shop located right at the dock – a perfect gift for every angler in the family. The entire at BarJack Fishing, LLC wishes everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.



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