Nancy the Nurse Shark

 Sharks are commonly seen aboard the Lady K all through the year. During this time of the year Bull Sharks can be a common sight as they follow hooked fish up to the boat, sometimes eating an anglers fish, leaving just the head. Nurse sharks like the one pictured in the series of photos below are seldom seen by anglers fishing on the Lady K and are caught only a handful of times within a year.

 A side view of a 10 foot Atlantic Nurse Shark estimated at 200 pounds caught on a boat rod. It took 15 minutes to crank the buck-skin colored fish up from the bottom.

 The beautiful turquoise water almost makes the fish glow in a golden hue as it turns to make another run for the bottom.

 The final shot before the leader was cut at the hooks. Large sharks are never brought aboard the Lady K due to the dangerous nature of the animals, instead they are fought up to the boat for photographs and a chance for the crew to educate anglers on the importance of conservation for all shark species. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness possible sightings of other marine life such as Sea Turtles, Porpoise, Sea Birds or maybe a rare whale sighting. Plan you trip today and live it up the Florida way fishing aboard the Lady K!



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