Shallow Water Surprises

This 41 pound King Mackerel ate a large sardine for VIP angler Lee while the Lady K was drifting over the shallow section of the reef during a recent trip week. It is apparent that the rough conditions with brought plenty of Mahi Mahi also stirred up and moved around some large fish.  Most of the King Mackerel caught this time of year are generally 5 to 8 pounds yet large fish like this trophy can be found in the mix.

These anglers had a wonderful time fighting Mahi Mahi and King Mackerel during one of the Lady K’s morning trips. Despite choppy conditions, the crew worked very hard to keep everyone on the fish and helped to hook up fish for those who had a hard time catching fish. That is great customer service and one of the reasons BarJack Fishing and the Lady K is considered the premier drift fishing vessel for so many anglers.  Get hooked on a great time today while fishing aboard the Lady K.



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