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 Sharks live along the South Florida coast and are commonly caught aboard the Lady K. The shark pictured above is an Atlantic Sharp-nose. They seldom reach more than four feet in length but put up a big fight when they eat a rigged sardine. The Lady K sees many different shark species throughout the year, from Great Hammerhead Sharks during the fall and spring to big Bull sharks, which reach weights in excess of 500 pounds, during the summer months. Black-tip, Caribbean Reef, Nurse and the Atlantic Sharp-nose are our most common shark species caught, almost year round.

 Sometimes anglers may also lose their catch to sharks or Great Barracudas during their fishing excursions aboard the Lady K. The Lesser Amberjack pictured above was a victim off such an attack and proves that bigger bait means bigger fish. Do you feel like your losing your head this holiday season? Why not take a break, spend four hours relaxing under the South Florida sun on the Lady K for some fishing fun. Tight lines and good fishing.

 Father and son give big smiles as dad’s dolphin flashes a resplendent shade of gold in the afternoon sunshine pictured above. Both anglers display their catch back at the dock ( below ), making the trip a great family memory for years to come. This dolphin ate two other baits without getting hooked and proving that the third time’s a charm.

Even small fish bring big smiles!

 This junior angler was very proud of his Rainbow Parrotfish that he caught and released while fishing a bottom rig baited with cut squid.

 With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to purchase Barjack Fishing gift certificates for the Lady K. A perfect gift for every angler in the family. Gift certificates are available at our ticket booth seven days a week during the following hours: 7 am to 8 am or 12 pm to 1 pm.

  A large Schoolmaster snapper shows off its white bars back-dropped by a copperish-yellow back and sunburst fins aboard the Lady K. These beautiful predatory fish can grow to 24 inches and feed on fish, crustaceans and squid. They also hang together in small schools numbering into the dozens, hovering just over the bottom and along deep ledges.

 This ten pound Black grouper graced the decks of the Lady K during a hot morning trip bite. Black grouper can be characterized their black edged soft dorsal, ventral and caudal fins along with the dark “kisses” marked along the side patterns of the fish. These fish can grow to 80 pounds and may exceed over 100 as they feed mainly on fish and squid.

 The Lady K has also had great afternoon catches this week including Rainbow runners weighing into the double digits. Mr. Campany’s fish weighed in at 11 pounds back at the dock after being caught while fishing over a local wreck. Rainbow runners are members of the amberjack family and regarded as excellent table fare, often called the “poor man’s” dolphin and reaching weights of up to 39 pounds.

 Whether your fishing for food or just for fun, come on out aboard the Lady K and enjoy the Florida sun.

  This is what it’s all about. Josh fished with his uncle Mike during a recent afternoon trip and caught this nice 24 pound kingfish by himself. A memory of a lifetime for sure!

 Josh and Johnnie show off their their catch of kingfish after fishing aboard the Lady K. Great job kids!

 The kingfish that are being caught range any where from 5 pounds upwards of 20 pounds plus and the season is just getting started. Plan a morning, afternoon or an evening trip today and hook into a great time.

Quite a successful birthday celebration for Hunter, turned 13 today.  With an excellent Cobia catch and Kingfish plenty, all customers aboard the Lady K had plenty to celebrate.

The Lady K is hauled out and placed on blocks during a gloomy Monday morning. The crews had her ready for paint by the end of the day.

 Andrew and Anthony take a much needed water break after sanding and priming the cabin and gunwales, great job fellas!!

 Captains Allen and Will are getting new gauges and switch panels as the system is converted over to 24 volts.

New Color

New Color

 The port side sports the new main hull color. The color is blue teal and the cabin will be an off-white.

Captain Al inspects

 Captain Allen inspects the new paint with owner, Marc Lee. We are pushing hard to get the Lady K back in operation for Saturday, October 4th, so stay tuned and be one of the first to fish under her new colors. Photos of the finished work will follow after we are back at the dock. Hope to see you there!

Kona Bay Cafe

Kona Bay Cafe is located within the marina and you may even have your catch cooked for you! An excellent choice for breakfast and lunch within seconds from the Lady K! Open 7:00am to 3:00pm

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