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  Nice Mutton Snappers like these continue to be caught aboard the Lady K during all three of her daily trips. Fish up to eight pounds have been caught this past week by anglers “spooling” the bottom with sardines or by bouncing jigs tipped with sardines along the bottom.

 Yellow-tail Snapper up to 4 pounds have also been taken by anglers using light spinning tackle in conjunction with jigs or boat rods while using cut sardines. Some anglers have also been catching Yellow-tails while fishing small jig heads tipped with fresh or live shrimp. The afternoon thunder storms have been increasing the snapper bite with overcast conditions which helps to obscure the snappers keen eyesight.

 Night fishing has been producing Mangrove, Lane, Mutton and Yellow-tail Snapper along with an occasional King Mackerel. Most of the Yellow-tails are being caught before the sun sets then anglers switch over for the larger snapper found along the reefs at night. The Mutton and Mangrove Snapper in the photo above weighed in at just over six pounds each. Lane snappers have been feeding on sardine chunks and by anglers using multiple silver-sides on a small circle hook.

What are you waiting for? The summer’s hot but the fishing is starting to get hotter. Plan your trip today aboard the Lady K for your four hour get-away.

 A rack full of King Mackerel up to 28 pounds and the boat’s limit of six Cobia up to 35 pounds kept everyone very busy along the rail during one of the morning trips this past week. The fish were hitting baits at all depths and everyone onboard caught fish.

 V.I.P. angler Norman shows off his first ever Cobia brought aboard the Lady K. Great job Norman!

 Often mistaken for a shark, the Cobia is one of the best eating fish caught aboard the Lady K and the months of April, May and June bring large pods of the fish along the South Florida coast as they migrate north following Bull Sharks or King Mackerel schools for scraps of food.

 Large King Mackerel like this 30 pound “smoker” make blistering runs and can engage an angler for a 15 minute battle. Reggie fought this fish up and down the rail a few times before the fish could be brought within gaffing range while Stacy gives a big thumbs up on a job well done. The Lady K is your gateway to fabulous fishing this May. Come on out for a four-hour trip or make a day of it and thank you for your patronage.

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