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VIP angler Mark R. displays his first Wahoo caught earlier in the week while fishing aboard the Lady K. The fish was one of four fish hooked during both the morning and afternoon trips with all the fish hitting sardines while on the drop or just drifting along with the rods in the holder. This fish is ranked at the top of the list when it comes to table fare and makes excellent sushi. Excellent job Mark!

Maggie had a magnificent catch for a 10 snapper limit including Lane snapper, Mangrove snapper, Yellow-tail snapper and a beautiful Mutton snapper. She also had a lot of fun catching jacks, bluefish and hooking into a few larger fish which eluded capture. Thank you for a wonderful time Maggie, the crew looks forward more great catches.

Some large Mutton snapper like this 10 pound beauty caught by Norman L. (l) have been coming aboard the Lady K by anglers free-lining sardines while smaller fish in the 3 to 6 pound range are being caught by anglers spooling the bottom. Ask your mates or captain for instructions on how to spool and use the various rigs to help boost your success.

 The King Mackerel action has been on and off with many small fish under the 24 inch size limit being released, yet large mackerel like this 24 pound fish have been finding their way to the gaff and the barbecue grill for some lucky anglers.

For service with a smile plan your next offshore excursion aboard the Lady K and let our clean, professional crews help you and your family enjoy the day with education, free advice and occasional humor. Everything you will need for a four trip is included at a price of less than ten dollars per hour, a great deal in today’s tough economy. Is this your day to catch that big one aboard the Lady K?


 Conditions have to be perfect to enable the Lady K crews the opportunity to hook up anglers on deep water fish such Blue-line Tilefish. Tilefish live in water depths from 350 to well over 900 feet. Fishing for these excellent eating fish requires heavy sinkers, a little squid and a lot of stamina.

 The crew can tell who eats their spinach or not! The young angler on the right showed he had what it takes to land his limit of Tilefish during a calm afternoon trip. The crew worked hard to ensure everyone caught fish to bring home for dinner by rotating rods throughout the trip.


 While fishing the deeper waters of the Atlantic, anglers also fished sardine rigs for a chance to hook any passing Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna or other pelagic gamefish. The Sailfish pictured above and below was released by a young angler, his first Sailfish which will be a memory for a lifetime. Great job!


 Is being cooped up with relatives making you a basket case? Then get out under the clear powder blue skies, fill your lungs with some good old salt air and ride the indigo waters of the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Lady K – your get away from the every day.

 Sharks live along the South Florida coast and are commonly caught aboard the Lady K. The shark pictured above is an Atlantic Sharp-nose. They seldom reach more than four feet in length but put up a big fight when they eat a rigged sardine. The Lady K sees many different shark species throughout the year, from Great Hammerhead Sharks during the fall and spring to big Bull sharks, which reach weights in excess of 500 pounds, during the summer months. Black-tip, Caribbean Reef, Nurse and the Atlantic Sharp-nose are our most common shark species caught, almost year round.

 Sometimes anglers may also lose their catch to sharks or Great Barracudas during their fishing excursions aboard the Lady K. The Lesser Amberjack pictured above was a victim off such an attack and proves that bigger bait means bigger fish. Do you feel like your losing your head this holiday season? Why not take a break, spend four hours relaxing under the South Florida sun on the Lady K for some fishing fun. Tight lines and good fishing.

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