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 A full box of fish came back to the dock after a Friday morning trip. Anglers caught their limit of King Mackerel along with a Cobia, Yellow-tail and Mutton Snapper, Rainbow Runners, Banded Rudderfish and False Albacore. The fish hit triple hooked sardines and ballyhoo  fished either on top lines or while spooling the bottom.

 Junior VIP angler Max caught his seven pound Mutton snapper while fishing a ballyhoo on a knocker rig just before Easter. We didn’t know the Easter bunny knew how to scuba dive!

 Anglers spooling the bottom with bait-fish or fishing jigs tipped with either cut squid or fresh shrimp have been catching their limits of Yellow-tail Snapper. Other snapper species that have also been produced include Mangrove (Gray) Snapper, Lane Snapper, Mutton Snapper and even a few Dog Snapper.

 Anglers fishing during the night trips have been landing King Mackerel up to 30 pounds while fishing light wire leaders and fishing various depths. The evening trips are a cool alternative for those anglers who wish to beat the heat but don’t forget that the afternoon trips are also very cool while fishing under the shade of the boat with an ocean breeze caressing your face.

  May is just around the corner and the crews of the Lady K are looking forward to a another great month of fishing. Come join the excitement with your family and friends today fishing aboard the Lady K!


 The 2011 fishing season has started with plenty of Sailfish releases, good bottom fish action and when conditions are right anglers have been landing King Mackerel along with schoolie sized Mahi Mahi.

 VIP angler Norman does battle with an Atlantic Sailfish while our mate Rich does a little coaching during a beautiful January morning………………….

 Sailfish put on a great acrobatic show when hooked and cameras should always be ready when the words “Sail On” are heard aboard the Lady K…

  These young anglers had a great time building memories as they caught large Gray Triggerfish and Porgies to bring home for dinner while bottom fishing……………………..

 It’s back-breaking work when battling a Greater Amberjack while fishing around one of the many local artificial reefs – then you have to hoist it up for a photo too……………..

 The breezy days have allowed some anglers the chance to jig up some King Mackerel. While most of the Kings are averaging around five to seven pounds, fish to 20 plus pounds are also being taken in the mix…………………

 VIP angler John waited until the last-minute of the last drift to hook and land his large King Mackerel during a recent afternoon trip……………

 Get hooked on a great time aboard the Lady K. Our experienced crews will help you every step of the way during your offshore adventure. BarJack Fishing supplies every thing you need for fishing – fishing license, bait, tackle, rods and reels. Anglers are always welcome to bring their own equipment. The only items you need to bring are drinks, snacks, a camera, friends, family and yourself. Anglers fishing aboard the Lady K can also receive a discounted lunch to bring on the boat from the Kona Bay Cafe by ordering through the tackle shop located right at the dock. So don’t delay and plan a fishing trip today!

 Face to face with one of the ocean’s most acrobatic gamefish, the Dolphin a.k.a. Mahi Mahi or Dorado. The Lady K has been catching a few of these schooling sized fish weighing up to 15 pounds this week by anglers letting out their lines or sight casting to them when a school appears at the boat.

 This “bull” or male Dorado is distinguished by the broad, flat head and high dorsal “sail” or fin. This fish was taken on a medium-light 12 pound test spinning outfit using a 30 pound leader, circle hook and a chunk of sardine.

 Happy Birthday! The birthday boy caught this “cow” or female Dorado during his birthday party aboard the Lady K. He caught this fish using one of the boat’s rods rigged with a sardine. This was the first fish caught and it brought a small school of fish to the boat during the battle, including the bull pictured above this photo.

 The cow Dorado is characterized by its sloping head and smaller dorsal fin. They also don’t grow as large as the bulls which can exceed 80 pounds.

 Dorado are very colorful fish and are excellent table fare making it a very common fish in the market or at restaurants. When a school of these fish approach the boat, start reeling your baits toward the boat to present the bait to the fish.

 A Frigate bird circles above, a tell-tale sign that Dorado or other gamefish such as Sailfish, Wahoo and Marlin may be lurking under the cobalt blue ocean. These magnificent sea birds gracefully glide along and wait until any predatory fish start pushing baitfish, such as ballyhoo or flying fish, up to the surface. Once the baitfish is at the surface, the Frigate will swoop down to snatch a meal, quite often from the fish jaws!

  Anglers wishing to target this wonderful gamefish should plan either a morning or afternoon trip. Other fish being taken during both trips have included Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Mutton Snapper, King Mackerel and Gray Triggerfish. Plan an outing today to see what surprises await aboard the Lady K. 

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