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We just want to say thank you to all our visitors from all around the world!  Bar Jack Fishing is offering a free trip to the first person who can figure out the few remaining countries we haven’t had visitors from yet!  Just be the first person to post the answer on our facebook post.   around the world


Another Decent Smoker!

Excellent weather is on forecast for this weekend. Hope to see you!

Christmas Eve's Eve Pompano


November Fronts

The fronts have brought good fishing with catches from Mahi, Cobia, Kingfish, and Snapper. The oceans have calmed substantially and this upcoming week is expected to bring warm days and calmer seas. We hope to see you on one of our three daily trips!



Tricks were used to catch these treats!

Kingfish, Cobia, and Mutton Snapper were around for the cold front last week. We hope to have you join us for any of our three daily trips. Please call our ship’s store at (561) 588-7612 for information or for reservations.

  This 8 1/2 pound monster sized Porgy ate a whole sardine. The catch by one of the Lady K’s junior anglers took everyone by surprise after a partly cloudy morning trip but proved to make an excellent meal that night.

 Although not very common during the late summer months, this 18 pound Bull Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) was taken on a spinning outfit while free-lining a dead sardine. Another fine catch by VIP angler Lee!  The Lady K’s VIP program offers anglers the opportunity to fish many days per month at a discounted rate while pursuing game-fish such as these.

 After a second day of fishing this 46 pound Cobia was caught by Nya’s  mom Katrina, who had reservations about getting close to the beast for a photo, so a proud daughter stands in. The fish was caught on a 20 pound spinning outfit while using a dead sardine on a one ounce knocker rig. Excellent job ladies!!

 On some of the deeper drifts, the Lady K has seen quite a few large Almaco Jacks like the 26 pound fish caught by Jeff pictured above. These fish hit hard and fight even harder, taxing both the angler and their tackle. These large jacks and their cousins the Greater Amberjack have been hitting dead sardines as well as vertical or butterfly jigs fished by more advanced anglers.

The new school year is fast approaching so plan a half day of good ole fashioned quality time fishing aboard the Lady K and give the kids something exciting to talk about this summer. We’re looking forward to more wonderful catches aboard the Lady K and everyone is invited, just come as you are.


 A rack full of King Mackerel up to 28 pounds and the boat’s limit of six Cobia up to 35 pounds kept everyone very busy along the rail during one of the morning trips this past week. The fish were hitting baits at all depths and everyone onboard caught fish.

 V.I.P. angler Norman shows off his first ever Cobia brought aboard the Lady K. Great job Norman!

 Often mistaken for a shark, the Cobia is one of the best eating fish caught aboard the Lady K and the months of April, May and June bring large pods of the fish along the South Florida coast as they migrate north following Bull Sharks or King Mackerel schools for scraps of food.

 Large King Mackerel like this 30 pound “smoker” make blistering runs and can engage an angler for a 15 minute battle. Reggie fought this fish up and down the rail a few times before the fish could be brought within gaffing range while Stacy gives a big thumbs up on a job well done. The Lady K is your gateway to fabulous fishing this May. Come on out for a four-hour trip or make a day of it and thank you for your patronage.

 Anglers admire their catch of Gray Triggerfish, Porgies, Almaco Jacks and False Albacore after a beautiful morning trip fishing aboard the Lady K. Anglers used both bottom rigs and triple hook drift rigs to catch the Triggerfish and a few large Jolthead Porgies. Anglers also had the chance to witness a nine foot Hammerhead Shark as it gracefully swam by the boat and a small pod of porpoise who playfully jumped around the bow of the boat during the ride back to the dock.

 Monster-sized Gray Triggerfish such as this eight pound specimen have been taken by anglers using baits such as ballyhoo while drifting over area reefs. Triggerfish are also excellent table fare and may be cooked in many different ways or served as ceviche. Don’t worry about having to fillet these leather skinned fish – our captains and mates will be happy to prepare your catch for the kitchen at the end of your trip. Don’t forget that Spring Break is just around the corner and that BarJack Fishing has Gift Certificates available for that special angling student of yours. What a great way to show that with hard work, comes great reward.

 Father and son give big smiles as dad’s dolphin flashes a resplendent shade of gold in the afternoon sunshine pictured above. Both anglers display their catch back at the dock ( below ), making the trip a great family memory for years to come. This dolphin ate two other baits without getting hooked and proving that the third time’s a charm.

Even small fish bring big smiles!

 This junior angler was very proud of his Rainbow Parrotfish that he caught and released while fishing a bottom rig baited with cut squid.

 With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to purchase Barjack Fishing gift certificates for the Lady K. A perfect gift for every angler in the family. Gift certificates are available at our ticket booth seven days a week during the following hours: 7 am to 8 am or 12 pm to 1 pm.

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