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Fishing around the cold fronts has proven successful for many anglers fishing aboard the Lady K this past week.  Catches like this football sized Black-fin Tuna and plenty of King Mackerel have been keeping anglers warm with excitement. Look for the Tuna when schools of Bonito or False Albacore start hitting baits. Fresh grilled tuna or sushi rolls for lunch, a perfect end to a wonderful morning.

Plenty of Porgy species have been coming aboard the Lady K this week. Most Porgies will be caught by anglers using bottom rigs and cut squid but every once in a while extra-large fish like the seven pound Jolt-head Porgy pictured above will surprise an angler by feasting on their sardine. A tasty addition to the frying pan.

Both the morning and afternoon trips have been producing action from King Mackerel (l) with an occasional keeper sized African Pompano coming aboard. Over the next couple of months the Pompano should start increasing size. African Pompano are a specie of jack also known as Trevally.  They are hard-hitting fish which make lighting fast runs to the bottom in search of obstructions in order to break off an anglers line. They will hit small jigs, sardines, squid and live shrimp.

 Cobia continue to come aboard the Lady K like this 30 pound fish caught during the morning at the end of the week. Plenty of smaller fish are also being released which shows great promise for a spring season this year. Cobia love eating crabs but will also feast on sardines, cut squid fished on bottom rigs, jigs or feathers and other artificial lures.

This huge Unicorn Filefish gave a visiting angler from Minnesota quite a surprise. The firm, white meat makes these fish excellent table fare and comparable to Flounder. Filefish can be caught using bottom rigs and cut squid for bait. So after a day at the South Florida Fair, plan a relaxing trip  fishing aboard the Lady K . Its family fishing fun for everyone !


These anglers took on rough seas and were rewarded with a nice catch of Mahi Mahi to 15 pounds, King Mackerel to 27 pounds, Skip Jack Tuna to 10 pounds, a Blackfin Tuna, False Albacore and a mixture of bottom fish. The catch took place during a morning trip aboard the Lady K. The afternoon trip found anglers catching more King Mackerel, releasing two Atlantic Sailfish estimated to weigh up to 50 pounds, Mutton Snapper to 4 pounds and released some small Cobia.

Stacey was visiting from New Jersey and decided to take a trip aboard the Lady K during the afternoon this past weekend. She hooked and landed her first ever salt-water fish with a little coaching from the crew, a nice Mahi Mahi. The professional crews of the Lady K will teach you how to use the equipment while offering tips or techniques in order to become a successful angler. Congratulations Stacey on your first salt-water catch, excellent work!!!

Our afternoon trips have also seen some Sailfish releases, catches of yellow-tail and Mutton Snapper, King Mackerel, Grouper, Mahi Mahi and other assorted bottom fish like Porgies, Grunts, Triggerfish and releases of Black Sea Bass. The few nights trips the Lady K has been able to get out on have produced some quality sized Lane and Mangrove Snapper, Bluefish, small Sharks, Grunts and Triggerfish.

So pick the trip that’s right for you. No reservations are required. Just show up at the dock around 45 minutes prior to the sailing time to purchase your ticket, chat with the locals and make some new fishing friends, for everyday is a great day aboard the Lady K!

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