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Another Decent Smoker!

Excellent weather is on forecast for this weekend. Hope to see you!

Christmas Eve's Eve Pompano




VIP angler Matthew caught this nice 35 pound King Mackerel while fishing during one of the Lady K’s evening trips. The fish hit a sardine fished on a knocker rig and put up a great battle before it was gaffed by the crew. King mackerel have been caught by anglers fishing during any of the Lady K’s three daily trips.



This afternoon trip saw anglers battling Cobia, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel, Mutton Snapper and False Albacore through the trip. Anglers also had the opportunity to witness Bull Sharks cruising just under the vessel as they chased baitfish. There was plenty of action with quite a few big fish being chased and even eaten by the sharks. First time anglers also saw Green turtles, Loggerhead turtles and a giant Leatherback turtle.

DSCF0146 DSCF0135


Cobia, like those pictured above, continue to be taken during any of the Lady K’s three daily trips. Fish up to 50 pounds have been caught during the first half of May and should continue to move through the area into June. Many anglers are having great success catching Cobia by using knocker rigs baited with either sardines or goggle-eyes and fished just under the boat or while spooling the bottom for snapper.



Sailfish continue to be spotted free jumping around the Lady K and a few releases of these beautiful acrobatic fish have been made by anglers fishing during the morning and afternoon trips. Letting out plenty of line is key to hooking big fish like this



Anglers fishing during breezy conditions with the right mixture of current, Sargasso weed and flying fish around the area may have the opportunity to hook and land Mahi Mahi like these during the late spring and early summer months. With the extended daylight on the Lady K’s 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm trips, late afternoon Mahi Mahi and sailfish are always a possibility.




Don’t miss the action! Plan a trip today for four hours or make a full day of it. No reservations are needed, just come on down to the dock about a half hour early and purchase your tickets at Bar Jack’s Fish Tales Marina Store. Everything you need is included at one low price – bait, tackle, rods, reels, fishing license and ice for your fish or drinks stored in the ships coolers. This is an offshore experience the whole family can enjoy offering the opportunity to see marine life such as Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles, Porpoise, Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Manta ray, Manatee and a variety of marine birds. Tight lines and good fishing everyone!

Now that grouper season is open, shallow water grouper like this Redhind Grouper can be invited home to dinner.  These small grouper rarely exceed over four pounds and love to feed on sardines as well as cut squid.

VIP angler Werner fished aboard the Lady K during an afternoon trip and bagged several nice Yellow-tail Snapper. Yellow-tails will hit a variety of baits fished on or near the bottom. They can be caught while drifting sardines, using cut squid on bottom rigs or with jigs tipped with either squid strips or shrimp.

Donald (l) gets a lending hand from mate Chessy after boating a beautiful Black-fin Tuna this week, just one of many caught throughout the week. Black-fins from 7 to 40 pounds have been caught by anglers drifting whole and cut sardines.

Fred (r) caught this beautiful Snowy Grouper during a deep-water drift on a morning trip. The fish ate a sardine spooled along the bottom. Other anglers also caught Vermilion Snapper, Red Porgies, Yellow-eye Snapper and large Almaco Jacks. Very sweet catch Fred!!

Favorable conditions have brought some excellent fishing to anglers during the evening trips. King Mackerel, Black-fin Tuna and Cobia have been feasting on sardines but beware, there are sharks out there looking to feast on your catch as well.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so the entire staff at BarJack Fishing and crews of the Lady K wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. Tight lines and good fishing to all of our lady anglers!!




A foggy morning lays out a surreal feeling for a wonderful day of fishing. What a way to start out a morning trip.  With a shifting westerly wind the anglers fishing aboard the Lady K found Red Grouper to 10 pounds, Mutton Snapper to 7 pounds, Yellow-tail Snapper to 2 pounds, Strawberry Groupers and a host of other reef fish eagerly awaiting baits fished on or near the bottom.

V.I.P. angler Andrew bagged this nice 20 pound Gag Grouper while fishing during an afternoon trip aboard the Lady K. A few of the big fish eluded quite a few anglers but many other fish were also caught.  Yellow-tail Snapper to two pounds, large Gray Triggerfish to 6 pounds,  King Mackerel to 6 pounds, Rainbow Runners to 10 pounds and some assorted reef fish made their way into the cooler. There were also three Cobia caught and released.  A possible sign of things to come?

 VIP anglers like Lee know that fishing after a cold front presents opportunities for nice fish such as this 20 plus pound cow Mahi Mahi that ate a free-lined sardine during a recent afternoon trip aboard the Lady K. Excellent job bringing the fish to the gaff Lee!

The Lady K has also been taking good numbers of  Gray Triggerfish up to 8 pounds, Mahi Mahi to 25 pounds, Yellow-tail snapper, Mutton snapper, Lane snapper, King Mackerel up to 12 pounds, Bonito, small Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and a Cobia during the last week. Most of the fish have been taken on sardines but bottom rigs have been taking some nice Yellow-tails and Lane snapper.

 Stressed out by the holidays? Plan a four-hour get away from the everyday fishing aboard the Lady K. We supply everything you need for fishing and do all the work, just bring some beverages and snacks while you sit back to relax. Happy holidays to all our anglers near and far!


 Big Mutton Snapper have been caught this week aboard the Lady K and double-digit fish have been hitting the dock with a thump. The fish have been eating sardines “spooled” on the bottom, sent out on “float lines” and while fishing in the mid-water range. Anglers fishing for these fish are also catching Yellow-tail snapper, Mahi Mahi, smaller Muttons and King Mackerel.

 Please visit our trips and rates page for departure times and plan on arriving at least a half hour before we sail. All equipment and bait is provided free of charge or feel free to bring your own. Don’t miss the boat and hook into a good time aboard the Lady K!

 The reef system within the Lady K’s home waters off the southern Palm Beach county coast harbor many venomous fish such as the Southern Stingray pictured above. Southern Stingrays can grow up to 300 pounds and have a wing span of over 6 feet. They feed mostly on mollusks and other shellfish but will eat fish or squid that is lying motionless on the sea floor. The stingray pictured above was estimated at 15 pounds and released after a quick photo.

 During your offshore excursion aboard the Lady K, please remember to allow our experienced crew members to safely bring aboard and handle any fish caught. You work on reeling in the fish and fun, we’ll take care of the rest.

 Anglers await their catch of Vermillion snapper, King Mackerel, Mutton snapper, Porgies, a small Black-fin Tuna and other assorted reef fish after a cool fall morning trip. The conditions have been very good for nice catches of Vermillion snapper during the mornings. The fish are being caught on both sardine rigs and bottom rigs using cut squid.

 Fall offers a chance for many anglers to witness some unusual fish as they migrate along the south Florida coast. This Mola Mola, or Ocean Sunfish, swam by the Lady K followed by an entourage of Remoras. These fish feed mainly on jellyfish and will bask in the sun for warmth.

Get away from the everyday and plan a fishing trip aboard the Lady K.

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