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Its not very often that we photograph the many reef fish associated with the benthic ecosystems along the southern Palm Beach County coast. Many of these reef fish have venomous spines, sharp gill plates and teeth that are designed to shear through coral, let alone bone. We will try to include these fish along with a brief summary of their habits in our future reports.

Columnist Manny Luftglass caught this gorgeous Midnight Blue Parrotfish while fishing a “guppy” rig on the bottom baited with squid strips. There are more than a dozen different species of parrotfish found along the reef systems off south Palm Beach. The parrotfish primary eats coral, using its hard fused teeth to break off large chunks, but will also feed on small crustaceans and mollusk. Many of the worlds most beautiful white sand beaches come from the “sand” that is produced as a by product of the parrotfish’s diet.  Parrotfish are not commonly caught aboard the Lady K due to their diet and the fact that their teeth are like tin snips, commonly cutting the barbs right off. The Parrotfish is a very important member of the reef community and should be released after a quick photo.

There are over 250 different species of reef fish living along the reef systems found in South Florida waters. Many of these fish are too small to be caught on hook and line, but those that can be caught will dazzle you with their bright colors and unique patterns. Drift fishing aboard the Lady K, its not just for sport, its a means to explore. Plan your offshore adventure to day and don’t forget to share it with your family or friends.


 A flat ocean beckons beyond the raging surf at the Boynton Inlet during sunrise.

The captains wait for the sets of large swells to come through before plowing forward to the fishing grounds.

 This beautifully lit up sailfish was only about 36 inches and ate a sardine as it was being reeled in to the boat, as many species of fish are caught.

The Lady K has had several sailfish releases this weekend like the estimated 75 pound fish pictured above.

 King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi continue to bite beyond the rough surf, bringing smiles and great memories to anglers like the couple pictured above.

 This young angler had a big fight with a Cow-nosed Ray that hit a guppy rig baited with cut squid.

 At 70 feet, the Lady K and her experienced captains can get you out to the fish when many smaller vessels can not during rough ocean conditions. Always feel free to contact our captains at  561-588-7612   to check on up to date weather conditions and if the Lady K will be sailing during very adverse conditions. This week should prove interesting to see what the rough water has stirred up and uncovered so don’t miss the bus, come sail with us today aboard the Lady K.

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