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One of three nice Cobia that came up by anglers fishing for snapper aboard the Lady K during a warm morning trip. Other anglers had their hands full when the False Albacore (a.k.a. Bonito) would run through the lines. Bonito are excellent fighting fish giving even seasoned anglers a run for their money. Although not very popular as table fare such as the cobia, bonito do make excellent bait when filleted out and used as strips or chunks for trolling or bottom fishing.

The smiles say it all! Fishing makes a perfect summer-time activity for families. It is relativity inexpensive, offers excellent quality time and very easy to learn for beginners. Children often benefit a sense of accomplish after catching even the smallest fish while bottom fishing where many anglers catch a wide variety of colorful reef fish, porgies and snapper. Our experienced captains and crew will help teach you how to use the tackle, bait your hooks if you desire and offer many helpful tips through the trip. Back at the cleaning station your captain will prepare your catch for the table and offer cooking tips to help in its preparation. Stay posted to both our website and facebook page for more great summer-time deals coming in the future weeks. We hope everyone has a very happy and safe summer!

Some of the anglers fishing aboard the Lady K during a weekend afternoon trip take a moment to display their catch as the drift is reset. The Yellow-tail snapper action has been picking up for anglers fishing sardines on drift rigs and for those fishing light spinning tackle in-conjunction with small jigs. These tasty snapper will average around one pound although fish up to four pounds are being boated on a regular basis.

Lady K junior angler, Saber, was fishing for Yellow-tail snapper when he hooked and landed this beautiful six pound Cero Mackerel. Cero Mackerel are a tropical mackerel that inhabit the home waters of the Lady K during the summer months. They are excellent table fare and can be easily identified by their black dorsal fin and long golden line, dashes and dots. These fish will take small jigs, free-lined chunk baits as well as feed on baits being retrieved back to the boat.

Jessica shows off her Mutton Snapper next to Robbie’s King Mackerel. Mutton Snapper are being caught by anglers spooling the bottom using sardines. To learn the technique of spooling, ask one our experienced crew members to teach you this easy and productive method of bottom fishing. The King Mackerel are widely scattered but are being caught by anglers covering all depths of the water column.

Snap into summer and plan a trip aboard the Lady K for a chance to bring home some savory snapper fillets for dinner or have them cooked up for lunch at the Kona Bay Cafe located right at the dock. No reservations are needed for any of our three daily trips, just come on down to the dock, purchase your tickets and enjoy a four hour fishing trip on the tropical blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Tight lines and good fishing!


Fishing the reefs off Palm Beach County offer anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to hook into large game fish such as Sailfish, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna but what is seldom seen are the beautiful and unusual reef fish. There are over 250 species of fish inhabiting the reefs along Florida’s coast. Some are too small to catch on hook and line such as Gobies and Blennies but others do manage to come up to astonish anglers fishing bottom rigs aboard the Lady K. All reef fish are safely and carefully dehooked, vented and released back to the reef – they are the true jewels of the reef.

This beautiful Spanish Hog-fish is a member of the Wrasse family. They feed on small shrimp, marine worms, crustaceans and other small invertebrates. During this time of year, anglers fishing with cut squid on bottom rigs or small jigs in search of Yellow-tail Snapper or Porgies may, in fact, hook one of these stunning reef fish.

 The color pattern of the Trumpet fish makes this long, slender predator a master at camouflage. They commonly hang vertical in the water alongside sea fans, sponges and coral where they ambush small fish and shrimp. Trumpet fish are a very rare catch aboard the Lady K for they have very small mouths and prefer live food over cut bait.

Another unusual reef fish is the Blue-spotted Coronet. These fish sport neon, electric blue spots and stripes along with a banded pattern which helps them to blend in with the reef as they glide horizontally just above the reef. These reef predators can be caught by anglers fishing with sardines as well as squid and can reach a length of three and a half feet long.

Bottom fishing not only offers anglers the chance at bringing home good table fare, but also the opportunity to catch and release many different, colorful reef fish making this type of fishing perfect for children or out-of-state visitors just wanting to have a fun day on the water. Remember to bring a camera so you may capture the photos of these jewels of the reef, sure to make memories of a lifetime with family and friends. Your adventure awaits you aboard the Lady K.

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