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November Fronts

The fronts have brought good fishing with catches from Mahi, Cobia, Kingfish, and Snapper. The oceans have calmed substantially and this upcoming week is expected to bring warm days and calmer seas. We hope to see you on one of our three daily trips!



Labor Day Cobia

36.6 lb. Cobia caught this morning!!

Mahi, finally!

Lee caught this beautiful 20 mahi mahi during Wednesday’s afternoon trip. Bonito, vermillion snapper, big lane snapper, red porgies triggerfish and some big king hits kept things lively.



  VIP angler Marc with a 27″ Black Grouper caught during a recent afternoon trip. The fish ate a half sardine fished close to the bottom while fishing for Snapper. A delightful summer catch. Got tartar sauce?



 VIP anglers like Lee know that fishing after a cold front presents opportunities for nice fish such as this 20 plus pound cow Mahi Mahi that ate a free-lined sardine during a recent afternoon trip aboard the Lady K. Excellent job bringing the fish to the gaff Lee!

The Lady K has also been taking good numbers of  Gray Triggerfish up to 8 pounds, Mahi Mahi to 25 pounds, Yellow-tail snapper, Mutton snapper, Lane snapper, King Mackerel up to 12 pounds, Bonito, small Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and a Cobia during the last week. Most of the fish have been taken on sardines but bottom rigs have been taking some nice Yellow-tails and Lane snapper.

 Stressed out by the holidays? Plan a four-hour get away from the everyday fishing aboard the Lady K. We supply everything you need for fishing and do all the work, just bring some beverages and snacks while you sit back to relax. Happy holidays to all our anglers near and far!


 A flat ocean beckons beyond the raging surf at the Boynton Inlet during sunrise.

The captains wait for the sets of large swells to come through before plowing forward to the fishing grounds.

 This beautifully lit up sailfish was only about 36 inches and ate a sardine as it was being reeled in to the boat, as many species of fish are caught.

The Lady K has had several sailfish releases this weekend like the estimated 75 pound fish pictured above.

 King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi continue to bite beyond the rough surf, bringing smiles and great memories to anglers like the couple pictured above.

 This young angler had a big fight with a Cow-nosed Ray that hit a guppy rig baited with cut squid.

 At 70 feet, the Lady K and her experienced captains can get you out to the fish when many smaller vessels can not during rough ocean conditions. Always feel free to contact our captains at  561-588-7612   to check on up to date weather conditions and if the Lady K will be sailing during very adverse conditions. This week should prove interesting to see what the rough water has stirred up and uncovered so don’t miss the bus, come sail with us today aboard the Lady K.

 Dorado (also known as Mahi mahi or dolphin-fish) have been showing up during some of the Lady K’s September trips. Warm ocean currents, steady east winds and choppy seas are the right mixture to give anglers a shot at catching one of these beautiful and great eating game-fish. Remember to have your bait close to the boat (at least 25 to 50 feet away) when one of these acrobatic fish is being fought up to boat for they usually swim in pairs or schools of up to 50 fish, depending on their size.

 Up close and personal. The Dorado flash many different shades of color while its feeding, fighting and after being put on ice. This fish ate a triple hooked sardine on a boat rod supplied by Barjack Fishing for the Lady K and it was our experienced crew members who assisted the proud novice angler in bringing her catch back to the dock, just in time for dinner.

 Fabulous fall fishing is just around the corner and the Lady K is your means to great offshore fishing. Catches are still including large Yellow-tail snapper, Dorado, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Skipjack Tuna and Mutton snapper. Come rain or shine, choppy seas or not, it’s fishing time and the Lady K is where their caught.

 The fish didn’t give anglers much of a break during a recent morning trip. Mutton snapper, kingfish, african pompano and assorted bottomfish were very eagar to inhale baits off Lake Worth.

A break in the weather brought these large kingfish and african pompano onto the Lady K’s deck. Plan a four hour offshore excursion this Spring Break or just visit at the dock to check out our daily catches when we return at 12 noon and 5 pm. All tackle, bait and licenses are included in the ticket price. Please feel free to use our contact page for information on private charters or general information.

 A double-header of African Pompano caught aboard the Lady K during a recent morning trip. African Pompano are a highly prized tropical gamefish with excellent table fair. Adults can grow up to 50 pounds and prefer to hold in coastal waters around reefs or wrecks. Juvenile fish are pelagic, drifting with the warm ocean currents.

 Although they can be caught year round, March and April are the spawning months for African Pompano, offering springtime anglers a chance to battle one of these beautiful gamefish. This 14 pound fish was caught over one of the area’s patch reefs and ate a dead sardine. Other gamefish being caught this week include kingfish, mutton snapper, bonito and sharks along with triggerfish and other assorted bottom fish.

  This is what it’s all about. Josh fished with his uncle Mike during a recent afternoon trip and caught this nice 24 pound kingfish by himself. A memory of a lifetime for sure!

 Josh and Johnnie show off their their catch of kingfish after fishing aboard the Lady K. Great job kids!

 The kingfish that are being caught range any where from 5 pounds upwards of 20 pounds plus and the season is just getting started. Plan a morning, afternoon or an evening trip today and hook into a great time.

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