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VIP angler Dick caught this nice King Mackerel along with a variety of bottom fish including from left to right, Red Porgies, Vermilion Snapper and a large White-bone Porgy. The fish were caught during an afternoon trip while the Lady K drifted over various water depths. Keep up the excellent work Dick!

Lee also hooked up on a nice King Mackerel while fishing during an afternoon trip. King Mackerel seem like they are starting to move through the area with fish from 10 to 25 pounds being caught by anglers fishing sardines far away from the vessel. King Mackerel are large near coastal pelagic predators which feed on a variety of fish such as sardines, pilchards, blue runners and bluefish but will also eat squid and live shrimp. Many anglers can also catch King Mackerel while jigging vertical jigs, buck-tail jigs tipped with a sardine or while slow trolling spoons. These toothy predators have razor-sharp teeth so please only allow our experienced crews to gaff and handle your fish while on the Lady K.

Night fishing for King Mackerel has also been picking up with the fish chewing fairly well just after dark. Before dusk there is also the possibility of a Cobia or Black-fin Tuna that may stray through the lines. Will you be the lucky angler to hook such a fish? Should you and your family or friends be interested in one of our nightly fishing excursions, be at the dock by 6:00pm to buy your tickets, the boat leaves at 6:30pm and returns at 10:30pm. Ladies and children may wish to bring some light outer wear for these cooler night trips.

As more King Mackerel start to migrate through the home waters of the Lady K, keep a sharp eye out for pods of porpoise who also like to dine on the mackerel, especially one that is hooked. The Lady K sails three times daily – morning, noon and night – pick the one that’s right. Also don’t forget that BarJack Fishing still offers gift cards for the Lady K at the ticket window. Gift cards are perfect for birthdays, employee bonuses or for children off during holidays and summer. Quit wishing and go fishing today aboard the Lady K!

This 34 pound bull Mahi Mahi gave Lady K teen angler, Austin, a nice fight after the fish hit in 50 feet of water. Austin said he felt a fish tap his bait when it hit the bottom and as he reeled, up came this big bull. After the fish was boated, other anglers noticed something “kicking around” in the stomach of the fish and it was assumed that the fish ate a blue runner that may have initially hit Austin’s bait. Back at the cleaning table everyone was surprised to see a whole 16″ Mutton Snapper come out of the fishes stomach. Excellent catch Austin, sure to be a memory of a lifetime!

 VIP angler may not have used a Mutton Snapper for bait but sure had his hands full fighting this beautiful 20 plus pound Bull Mahi Mahi on 20 pound spinning tackle.  Impeding cold fronts and strong east winds have been pushing the Mahi Mahi in and anglers fishing aboard the Lady K have been catching the fish while either flat lining or using one ounce sliding sinker rigs and sardines for bait. Fish from 5 to 25 pounds have been taken along with large Gray Triggerfish to 7 pounds, Cobia to 25 pounds, Grouper to 20 pounds and Yellow-tail Snapper. Sharks have also been taking their share of anglers fish so be sure you reel fast, real fast.

Don’t forget that BarJack Fishing has gift cards available for the holiday season at out ticket office. The ticket office is open seven days a week at the following times: 7 am to 8 am; 12 noon to 1 pm; and at 5 pm to 6:30 pm. So quit racking your brain trying to figure out what to get that special angler in your family, a gift card to fish the Lady K is a perfect present for under the tree.

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