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Tricks were used to catch these treats!

Kingfish, Cobia, and Mutton Snapper were around for the cold front last week. We hope to have you join us for any of our three daily trips. Please call our ship’s store at (561) 588-7612 for information or for reservations.

Brandon (l) gets a helping hand from mate Joe while displaying his 55 pound Wahoo. Brandon caught the fish while drifting fishing with a standard drift rig and using a sardine for bait on his own 30 pound test outfit. The fish put up an impressive 25 minute battle before being succumbed to the gaff. While Wahoo are most commonly caught by anglers trolling lures at high-speed although the fish will eat baits drifting in the current and the Lady K will boat a few dozen fish every year while drifting.

Keep an eye out for more great catches aboard the Lady K.  Don’t forget to visit us at where you can share your photos and offshore experience. Tight lines and good fishing!

Anglers fishing aboard the Lady K this past weekend have enjoyed battling Black-fin Tuna while drifting dead sardines. The Tuna have been ranging anywhere between 6 to 40 pounds and can show up during any one of the Lady K’s three daily trips. The Black-fin Tuna will often hit the bait hard and make a long blistering run before settling into a hard battle. Sharks will often hone in on the struggling fish causing the Tuna to run in frantic circles, sometimes even jumping from the water just yards away from the boat, creating a wonderful show for anglers to enjoy and stories to tell for a lifetime.

Anglers have also been catching King Mackerel, Snapper, False Albacore, a few Cobia and releasing Sailfish during any one of our three daily trips. There is no need for reservations.  Just show up at the dock and purchase your tickets. The morning trips have been very warm so be sure to stay hydrated. For a cooler alternative, try fishing during the afternoon or evening trips when there is more of a breeze and less sun.



Some nice Cobia have been coming aboard the this week like the 28 pound fish VIP angler Robert is holding up. The fish just narrowly missed becoming a shark dinner unlike Rob’s second Cobia. Nice catch Rob, glad you had a wonderful trip!

King Mackerel are still coming through the area. Although many of the fish are too small to keep, there are few mackerel in the 15 to 25 pound class range being caught. The fish above was a 44 pound “smoker” caught during an afternoon trip on Wednesday.  As the fish was being cleaned at the table, a smaller King Mackerel of 4 pounds was found inside the gullet of the beast.

Columnist Manny Luftglass displays some of the nice Yellow-tail Snapper that have been coming aboard the Lady K this week during both day-time trips. Many of the fish have been averaging between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds although larger fish to 4 pounds have been caught by anglers fishing higher up in the water column. Manny caught his fish using a bottom rig and cut squid. Mutton snapper to 5 pounds are being caught by anglers spooling the bottom.


Mahi Mahi have also been caught this week under overcast skies and 2 – 4 foot seas on both morning and afternoon trips. The fish have been swimming by themselves for the most part and are being caught by anglers using knocker rigs and sardines.

Don’t let the weatherman scare you away. The overcast conditions and lightly scattered showers have had the fish chewing throughout the week with light to moderate numbers of anglers. Stay up to date and check back with us for more news and updates. Thank you for making Bar Jack Fishing your premiere choice for affordable deep-sea drift fishing. Tight lines!

Decembers here in South Florida are generally known for their mild weather and calm conditions on the water. This year has been quite out of the normal for weather patterns and the proof has been in the fishing. The windy conditions have really stirred things up, offering those anglers who are willing to brave choppy conditions for the opportunity to catch excellent game-fish off the coast of southern palm beach county.

 VIP angler Brad gets an assist from his step-son Dylan to display a fine afternoon catch of Wahoo, Mutton Snapper and Cobia caught aboard the Lady K. The Wahoo hit a sardine attached to a 3/0 circle hook while Brad was dropping the bait to the bottom for snapper. Other anglers on board during the afternoon also caught Yellow-tail Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Grouper and various other bottom fish.

Mahi Mahi (a.k.a. dolphin) were the highlights of the Lady K’s morning trips during the rough windy conditions. Fish weighing up to 20 pounds were caught last week by anglers fishing many different types of rigs, from flat lines on spinning tackle to 1 1/2 once sliding sinker rigs on boat rods, the key to success has been to be ready when the fish show up alongside the vessel.

VIP angler Robbie fished two days in a row on the Lady K, making four trips in total and landed plenty of Mahi Mahi along with Red Grouper and this beautiful Gag or Gray Grouper. The grouper have been feeding heavily around the in-coming cool fronts. Anglers need to really try to get these heavyweight game-fish off the bottom quickly to prevent the fish from “rocking” up, popping off on the reef or getting eaten by the sharks. Reel fast, real fast.

Another nice Gag Grouper comes aboard the Lady K during an overcast morning. There’s only a few weeks of time left to try for one of these tasty, hard fighting game-fish. Grouper season closes January 1st and will re-open May 1st. So don’t delay and plan your offshore adventure today aboard the Lady K. We invite you to try us out if your a first time angler, check out our updated cabin complete with new heads (one for mermaids and one for you pirates), large flat screen TV for any one hoping to watch a favorite sports event and a new fresh, clean and bright cabin interior. Just bring some drinks, your favorite beverage and let us do all the work.


Oh what a night….. Anglers Rob (l), Paul (r) and Mark (c) display some of the nice snapper brought aboard the Lady K during a night trip. The fish really fired up right after a heavy downpour with a spectacular light show. Mangrove snapper to six pounds, Mutton snapper to four pounds and some very nice Lane snapper kept anglers busy throughout the trip along with various other bottom fish. Rain or shine proves to be fishing time aboard the Lady K.

  VIP angler Lee does it again with a great 13 pound Mutton snapper catch while free lining a sardine off the Lady K during a morning trip, proof that putting in your time can bring wonderful rewards! Other fish during the morning included a 30 pound Cobia, King Mackerel, Bonito and Yellow-tail snapper along with some medium-sized Almaco Jacks and a small Sailfish release. If the fish are hungry, they will come aboard the Lady K.

 The afternoon trips have been producing good catches of Yellow-tail Snapper being caught on cut bait and by anglers using jigs tipped with squid. Barracuda have been heavy around the reefs and some anglers have been catching a few on sardine rigs while others have been finding only snapper heads on the end of their hooks. Hey, barracuda like snapper for lunch too! Bonito and a few Cero Mackerel have also been in the mix of snapper catches along with plenty of other bottom fish such as Grunts, Porgies and Jacks.

 Don’t miss out on some of the fabulous fall fishing that is just getting ready to start along the Southern Palm Beach county coast. The Lady K sails three times daily to try to meet the needs of every angler’s schedule. We supply everything you need for a relaxing day on the water, just bring some snacks and your own drink preference (ice water is provided), our experienced crews will take care of everything else for you. Please don’t forget that your crews do work on a gratuity basis and strive very hard to make customer service and satisfaction number one. Thank you for choosing BarJack Fishing and the Lady K as your vessel of choice for offshore, deep-sea fishing in Palm Beach County, both residents and visitors alike.

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 A flat ocean beckons beyond the raging surf at the Boynton Inlet during sunrise.

The captains wait for the sets of large swells to come through before plowing forward to the fishing grounds.

 This beautifully lit up sailfish was only about 36 inches and ate a sardine as it was being reeled in to the boat, as many species of fish are caught.

The Lady K has had several sailfish releases this weekend like the estimated 75 pound fish pictured above.

 King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi continue to bite beyond the rough surf, bringing smiles and great memories to anglers like the couple pictured above.

 This young angler had a big fight with a Cow-nosed Ray that hit a guppy rig baited with cut squid.

 At 70 feet, the Lady K and her experienced captains can get you out to the fish when many smaller vessels can not during rough ocean conditions. Always feel free to contact our captains at  561-588-7612   to check on up to date weather conditions and if the Lady K will be sailing during very adverse conditions. This week should prove interesting to see what the rough water has stirred up and uncovered so don’t miss the bus, come sail with us today aboard the Lady K.

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