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November Fronts

The fronts have brought good fishing with catches from Mahi, Cobia, Kingfish, and Snapper. The oceans have calmed substantially and this upcoming week is expected to bring warm days and calmer seas. We hope to see you on one of our three daily trips!



Tricks were used to catch these treats!

Kingfish, Cobia, and Mutton Snapper were around for the cold front last week. We hope to have you join us for any of our three daily trips. Please call our ship’s store at (561) 588-7612 for information or for reservations.

Labor Day Cobia

36.6 lb. Cobia caught this morning!!

Blackfin Tuna, served rare

Jim’s 30 pound Blackfin Tuna was the high hook catch of Friday’s morning trip. Perfect job Jim.

Mahi, finally!

Lee caught this beautiful 20 mahi mahi during Wednesday’s afternoon trip. Bonito, vermillion snapper, big lane snapper, red porgies triggerfish and some big king hits kept things lively.


Lady K VIP angler Rob (l) caught this large Great Barracuda on an ultra-light spinning outfit while fishing for Yellow-tail Snapper during an afternoon trip. Barracuda are a top predator and can be caught in shallow water as well as around wrecks, reefs and deep ledges. These large fish will eat just about anything and its not uncommon for anglers to watch as their king mackerel, snapper, grouper or bonito gets cut in half by the barracuda’s razor sharp teeth as their fish nears the boat. Barracuda can grow as large as six foot and weigh in at over 100 pounds, although the average fish will measure around 36 inches and weigh about 15 to 20 pounds. Nice work Rob, can’t wait to see what you catch on that jig in the upcoming year.

Now that grouper season is open, shallow water grouper like this Redhind Grouper can be invited home to dinner.  These small grouper rarely exceed over four pounds and love to feed on sardines as well as cut squid.

VIP angler Werner fished aboard the Lady K during an afternoon trip and bagged several nice Yellow-tail Snapper. Yellow-tails will hit a variety of baits fished on or near the bottom. They can be caught while drifting sardines, using cut squid on bottom rigs or with jigs tipped with either squid strips or shrimp.

Donald (l) gets a lending hand from mate Chessy after boating a beautiful Black-fin Tuna this week, just one of many caught throughout the week. Black-fins from 7 to 40 pounds have been caught by anglers drifting whole and cut sardines.

Fred (r) caught this beautiful Snowy Grouper during a deep-water drift on a morning trip. The fish ate a sardine spooled along the bottom. Other anglers also caught Vermilion Snapper, Red Porgies, Yellow-eye Snapper and large Almaco Jacks. Very sweet catch Fred!!

Favorable conditions have brought some excellent fishing to anglers during the evening trips. King Mackerel, Black-fin Tuna and Cobia have been feasting on sardines but beware, there are sharks out there looking to feast on your catch as well.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so the entire staff at BarJack Fishing and crews of the Lady K wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. Tight lines and good fishing to all of our lady anglers!!




A foggy morning lays out a surreal feeling for a wonderful day of fishing. What a way to start out a morning trip.  With a shifting westerly wind the anglers fishing aboard the Lady K found Red Grouper to 10 pounds, Mutton Snapper to 7 pounds, Yellow-tail Snapper to 2 pounds, Strawberry Groupers and a host of other reef fish eagerly awaiting baits fished on or near the bottom.

V.I.P. angler Andrew bagged this nice 20 pound Gag Grouper while fishing during an afternoon trip aboard the Lady K. A few of the big fish eluded quite a few anglers but many other fish were also caught.  Yellow-tail Snapper to two pounds, large Gray Triggerfish to 6 pounds,  King Mackerel to 6 pounds, Rainbow Runners to 10 pounds and some assorted reef fish made their way into the cooler. There were also three Cobia caught and released.  A possible sign of things to come?

A few summer-time dolphin (mahi Mahi) and football sized Black-fin Tuna have been delightful catches aboard the Lady K  during late July. Anglers fishing both light spinning outfits and boat rods can catch these tasty fish by reeling their baits close to the boat when the fish show up alongside the Lady K.

During the right conditions, snapper fishing has been great during the evening. Young Matthew caught his limit of Mangrove snapper to bring home for dinner and had fun catching plenty of Jacks, Grunts and Porgies throughout the four hour trip. Cut sardines have been the best bet for the Mangrove snapper while cut squid has proven deadly for Lane snapper.

Schools of Kingfish have been showing up during late July and are being taken on all three daily trips by anglers fishing sardines all throughout the water column. Fish to 25 pounds have been caught during the morning and evening trips while average 8 to 12 pound seem to feeding during the afternoon.

Great Barracuda are toothy predators which enjoy dining on Kingfish, Snapper and other game-fish as they are being fought up to the boat. Sometimes they will eat dead sardines drifted over the reef like the one pictured above did on an afternoon trip. Anglers should make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and water to drink while fishing during these next few months of summer, especially during the morning trips.

June has been bringing a lot of smiles aboard the Lady K with very good catches of Snapper, Cobia, Tuna and many other gamefish found in the home waters off Boynton Inlet – the fishing grounds of the Lady K.

Our mate Spencer gives VIP angler, Jack, a big thumbs up for a nice 40 plus pound Cobia caught during an afternoon trip aboard the Lady K.

This group of anglers fished an afternoon trip and caught a box load of Yellow-tail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Mangrove (Gray) Snapper and junior VIP angler, Max, caught his first ever Cobia aboard the Lady K. The afternoon rain showers haven’t cooled off the fishing – it’s just making it hotter.

Sunday morning brought a big surprise to another one of the Lady K’s junior VIP anglers. Julie caught this 46 pound African Pompano while reeling in her sardine just as the motors fired up for a move back offshore. Excellent job Julie!!

On Monday morning the Lady K took Ken out deep for his Black-fin Tuna which he caught on a perfectly matched spinning outfit. Along with the Tuna a nice 20 plus pound King Mackerel was found lurking out in the deep water as well as some False Albacore.

 Mark nabbed this 8.75 pound Mutton Snapper while spooling the bottom with a sardine while fishing an afternoon trip last weekend aboard the Lady K. He also took home some nice Yellow-tail Snapper as well. Great job Mark!

The afternoon trips have also brought some summer-time sailfish releases to the Lady K with quite a few sightings of free-jumping fish being spotted by anglers fishing both day time trips. Peanut and schooling sized Mahi Mahi have also been caught during the breezy afternoon trips where rip currents and weed patches build up so have a light spinning reel rigged with a single hook at the ready.

Keep an eye out during this time of year for the best opportunity to witness many of the different species of sea turtle which breed, bask and feed on or around the local reefs as they prepare for their nesting season.

Father’s Day is just around the corner so why not get your dad, brother, grand-father or uncle a Gift Certificate, the perfect present for that special angler in your life. A little get-away from the everyday fishing aboard the Lady K!

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