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  A large Schoolmaster snapper shows off its white bars back-dropped by a copperish-yellow back and sunburst fins aboard the Lady K. These beautiful predatory fish can grow to 24 inches and feed on fish, crustaceans and squid. They also hang together in small schools numbering into the dozens, hovering just over the bottom and along deep ledges.

 This ten pound Black grouper graced the decks of the Lady K during a hot morning trip bite. Black grouper can be characterized their black edged soft dorsal, ventral and caudal fins along with the dark “kisses” marked along the side patterns of the fish. These fish can grow to 80 pounds and may exceed over 100 as they feed mainly on fish and squid.

 The Lady K has also had great afternoon catches this week including Rainbow runners weighing into the double digits. Mr. Campany’s fish weighed in at 11 pounds back at the dock after being caught while fishing over a local wreck. Rainbow runners are members of the amberjack family and regarded as excellent table fare, often called the “poor man’s” dolphin and reaching weights of up to 39 pounds.

 Whether your fishing for food or just for fun, come on out aboard the Lady K and enjoy the Florida sun.

 Some of the junior anglers aboard the Lady K practiced catch and release with some peanut-sized dolphin this past weekend. The fish were caught on light spinning tackle after a large school of the fish swarmed the boat with both crew members and adult anglers passing off hooked fish to all of the kids for some fun and big smiles. The children were dazzled by the changes in color of the fish as they swam around the boat feeding and when brought aboard for the quick photos taken below…………………..

 Fishing is a family affair enjoyed by anglers of all experiences and the Lady K is an inexpensive means to get you to the fish. Have a large family? Not a problem! The Lady K can accommodate up to 48 passengers and Barjack Fishing LLC offers group rates for parties of 10 or more anglers. Please visit our trips and rates page for sailing times and additional discounts. Experience the difference, the Lady K way.

 It really does pay to check your bait! Joe was reeling in his bait when this 18 pound Wahoo decided it was time for a mid-day snack. The fish ate a triple hooked sardine fished on a “flat-line” and using a 25 pound spinning outfit. Joe determined how to start out fishing the trip after asking one of the mates for some advice and we’re glad it paid off.

 The business end of a Wahoo shows why it pays to use a triple hook rig, wire and have one of the mates assist in handling the fish for photos. After the Lady K reset her drift, we had another Wahoo swim up to the boat following an angler’s Blue Runner they were reeling up from the reef. The fish was estimated at 40 to 50 pounds but refused to eat the runner or other baits tossed out around it.

 Have a rod ready for fall dolphin (Mahi Mahi) which can be caught during the afternoon trips like the one above or during the mid-morning on our 8am to 12pm trips. Use a light spinning outfit rigged with a single hook and a small chunk of sardine or squid. After casting to the school its important not to move the bait and allow it to drift naturally for these sometimes picky eaters.

 This is inexpensive offshore fishing at its finest. The Lady K is a very clean vessel upkept by professional crews who are ready to serve all your fishing needs. Expert advice, tips and crash lessons are free and available to all anglers of very age and skill level making the Lady K a family oriented vessel ready to take you on an offshore adventure, so what are you waiting for?

 Dorado (also known as Mahi mahi or dolphin-fish) have been showing up during some of the Lady K’s September trips. Warm ocean currents, steady east winds and choppy seas are the right mixture to give anglers a shot at catching one of these beautiful and great eating game-fish. Remember to have your bait close to the boat (at least 25 to 50 feet away) when one of these acrobatic fish is being fought up to boat for they usually swim in pairs or schools of up to 50 fish, depending on their size.

 Up close and personal. The Dorado flash many different shades of color while its feeding, fighting and after being put on ice. This fish ate a triple hooked sardine on a boat rod supplied by Barjack Fishing for the Lady K and it was our experienced crew members who assisted the proud novice angler in bringing her catch back to the dock, just in time for dinner.

 Fabulous fall fishing is just around the corner and the Lady K is your means to great offshore fishing. Catches are still including large Yellow-tail snapper, Dorado, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Sailfish, Skipjack Tuna and Mutton snapper. Come rain or shine, choppy seas or not, it’s fishing time and the Lady K is where their caught.

 With over 250 different species of fish along the reefs of Palm Beach county many unusual fish such as the Porcupine Puffer pictured above can be caught aboard the Lady K year round. Armed with sharp spines all around their bodies, these fish will fill themselves with water to expose spines and make themselves appear larger to such predators as Barracudas and sharks.

 What the……………. This catch really takes the cake! Yes, the Lady K brought aboard a Largemouth Bass that was still kicking when it was snagged by a guppy rig. The fish was most likely flushed out into the ocean through a spillway right after the previous days’ rain and the Lady K had one of her anglers at the right place at the right time.

 Every month brings surprise catches aboard the Lady K to all kinds of anglers, beginners and professionals alike. To help increase your odds in hooking that catch of a lifetime, ask our experienced crews for assistance or fishing tips while enjoying the serenity that offshore angling offers aboard the Lady K.

 Anglers await their fish being off-loaded from the Lady K. Good catches of King mackerel, Yellow-tail snapper, Mutton snapper, Bonito and Jacks continue during the late summer months.

 An angler battles a large sailfish while mate Rich looks on with words of advice and encouragement. Sailfish are a by-catch aboard the Lady K and offer anglers a few exciting moments of jumps and grey-hounding leaps……………..

 …….. and after a few boatside photos, the fish swims off to fight another day. In addition to the fishing, many anglers have had the opportunity to watch spotted porpoise, bottlenose dolphin and sea turtles while drifting along the south Palm Beach county coastlines. Plan your trip today for an inexpensive offshore excursion aboard the Lady K.

 Snapper continue to feed along the reefs in southern Palm Beach county, the home range of the Lady K. Yellow-tail snapper from one to four pounds continue to hit both sardines and squid tipped jigs for many anglers fishing both the morning and afternoon trips during the late summer months. Large Mutton snapper like the 10 pound fish pictured above are a great catch sure to bring smiles and friends together for a summer-time fish fry.

 Anglers using light spinning tackle are also catching rare fish such as the African Pompano (pictured above), Kingfish, Yellow-tail snapper, a variety of Jack species and Bonito for some hard, rod-bending action. The morning trips have been very hot so be sure to bring plenty of cool drinks and sunblock when planning your next offshore adventure with Barjack Fishing.

 Jamie, RJ and Donnie show off some of their catch including Porkfish, Schoolmaster snapper, Coney grouper and Yellow-tail snapper. Another great day of fishing for the kids of the DEHTMS fishing club. They also caught some big Bonito and jacks during a recent morning trip. Great job guys!!

 Take a kid fishing today for memories that’ll last a lifetime. Remember that during the summer to bring plenty of sunblock and that the afternoon trips will be a lot cooler as we fish the shady side of the vessel.

 Another quality catch aboard the Lady K including Mutton snapper, Yellow-tail snapper, Cero mackerel, King mackerel, Great Barracuda, jacks and porgies. The brilliantly resplendent colors of the snapper reflect the summer season off the coast of southern Palm Beach county.

 Large “flag” sized Yellow-tail snapper like this can be caught by anglers using small jigs tipped with squid on light spinning outfits or by “spooling” the bottom with triple hooked sardines. Ask our experienced crews for instructions on how to spool the bottom for a tasty snapper dinner.

 Large King mackerel are far and few between. This 30 pound fish is a unusal catch for the summer. Most King mackerel will average between 4 to 10 pounds during the summer with the minimum size limit of 24 inches to the fork of the tail. Please remember to bring plenty of drinks and sunblock aboard when planning your trip this summer. Have a wonderful day aboard the Lady K!

 The fish didn’t give anglers much of a break during a recent morning trip. Mutton snapper, kingfish, african pompano and assorted bottomfish were very eagar to inhale baits off Lake Worth.

A break in the weather brought these large kingfish and african pompano onto the Lady K’s deck. Plan a four hour offshore excursion this Spring Break or just visit at the dock to check out our daily catches when we return at 12 noon and 5 pm. All tackle, bait and licenses are included in the ticket price. Please feel free to use our contact page for information on private charters or general information.

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