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Mahi, finally!

Lee caught this beautiful 20 mahi mahi during Wednesday’s afternoon trip. Bonito, vermillion snapper, big lane snapper, red porgies triggerfish and some big king hits kept things lively.


Fishing on the evening trips have been productive for some anglers. The 17 pound Cubera Snapper pictured above inhaled a ballyhoo fished along the bottom while the King Mackerel pictured below choose a drifted sardine fished in the middle of the water column.


The afternoon trips have seen anglers taking some nice Cobia up to 48 pounds along with a mix of King Mackerel, Triggerfish, Snapper and the occasional Mahi Mahi.


Junior anglers have been having fun catching large fish like the Little Tunny pictured below. Children fishing with bottom rigs have been catching a wide variety of tropical reef fish, triggerfish, jacks, grunts, snapper, grouper and “hotdog” fish.



Don’t miss the boat! The weather has been perfect with light winds and calm conditions in the mornings. The afternoon seabreeze is very cool and for anglers who don’t want to much sun, try an evening trip where you and your family or friends can watch a magnificent sunrise. Now open – Bar Jack Fish Tales Marina Store – located right at the dock – Snacks, Drinks, Clothing, Sunscreen, Bait, Ice and Tackle all accessible for anglers before and after fishing aboard the Lady K.


VIP anglers Gerry (l) and Steve (r) display their catches of a Great Barracuda and Gag Grouper caught aboard the Lady K during a choppy morning trip. Gerry had a few grouper also but sharks managed to make a snack of the fish before they could be brought up to the gaff. Excellent job gentlemen!

Robbie displays a nice 20 pound Cobia that was caught during a rough afternoon trip aboard the Lady K. There have been plenty of small Cobia being caught along the reefs and wrecks in the area as well as fish up to 60 pounds being taken. Mahi Mahi continue to hit during the steady easterly winds along with King Mackerel, Snapper and other reef fish.

Plan your trip today aboard the Lady K. No reservations are required, just show up at the dock about a half hour prior to the sailing time of the trip you would like to go on. We supply everything you need for fun and enjoyable time on the Atlantic Ocean. Also, don’t forget we have gift cards available at the ticket office, perfect for the holiday or any time of the year. Fine Florida fishing with a smile and customer service in mind.

 Anglers admire their catch of Gray Triggerfish, Porgies, Almaco Jacks and False Albacore after a beautiful morning trip fishing aboard the Lady K. Anglers used both bottom rigs and triple hook drift rigs to catch the Triggerfish and a few large Jolthead Porgies. Anglers also had the chance to witness a nine foot Hammerhead Shark as it gracefully swam by the boat and a small pod of porpoise who playfully jumped around the bow of the boat during the ride back to the dock.

 Monster-sized Gray Triggerfish such as this eight pound specimen have been taken by anglers using baits such as ballyhoo while drifting over area reefs. Triggerfish are also excellent table fare and may be cooked in many different ways or served as ceviche. Don’t worry about having to fillet these leather skinned fish – our captains and mates will be happy to prepare your catch for the kitchen at the end of your trip. Don’t forget that Spring Break is just around the corner and that BarJack Fishing has Gift Certificates available for that special angling student of yours. What a great way to show that with hard work, comes great reward.

 Anglers fishing aboard the Lady K this week have been bringing in healthy limits of snapper like those pictured above. Yellow-tail snapper continue to dominate the reefs and during prime weather conditions the Lady K will venture out into deeper water for great catches of Vermillion snapper.

 An angler fights a Sailfish during a calm morning trip while the Lady K was fishing for Vermillion snapper. Besides the Sailfish and Vermillion snapper, the Lady K also caught King Mackerel, Black-fin Tuna, Mutton snapper, large Rainbow Runners, Gray Triggerfish and a Cubera snapper.

 This is also the time of year for our annual fall mullet run. As the baitfish move south for the winter many larger predatory fish such as Wahoo, Sailfish, Bluefish, Mackerel, Cobia, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and sharks will be close behind feeding upon the mass shoals of bait. Don’t miss out on the action and plan your trip today!

 A double-header of African Pompano caught aboard the Lady K during a recent morning trip. African Pompano are a highly prized tropical gamefish with excellent table fair. Adults can grow up to 50 pounds and prefer to hold in coastal waters around reefs or wrecks. Juvenile fish are pelagic, drifting with the warm ocean currents.

 Although they can be caught year round, March and April are the spawning months for African Pompano, offering springtime anglers a chance to battle one of these beautiful gamefish. This 14 pound fish was caught over one of the area’s patch reefs and ate a dead sardine. Other gamefish being caught this week include kingfish, mutton snapper, bonito and sharks along with triggerfish and other assorted bottom fish.

Norman hooked into a 29lb Blackfin Tuna during a trip on the Lady K this month.  There has also been a decent catch on Cobia in the 20-30lb range with a wandering Mahi in the mix.

 Bobby Froyen of Lake Worth, Florida caught this beautiful 12 pound Red Grouper while fishing aboard the Lady K this past Friday. Mr. Froyen was fishing the bottom with a sardine attached to a 5/0 circle hook and using 40 pound test leader. The fish was taken from 200 feet of water where the Lady K was positioned by Captain Allan so anglers could enjoy bottom fishing for vermillion snapper. Great catch Bobby!


 Red Grouper between the ages of 1 to 6 years old typically occupy the nearshore reefs while the juveniles join fish over 6 years of age offshore over hard bottom. They are common to 15 pounds and the Florida state record is 39 pounds 8 ounces. Red Grouper prefer a water temperature between 66 and 77 degrees F. They feed on squid, fish and crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp and lobster. Red grouper must be 20″ to keep and start off life as females, changing sex as they mature. An excellent food fish sporting firm white meat with a very mild flavor.

 We have seen some very strong easterly winds this week, kicking the seas up while also pushing the warmer Gulf Stream waters closer to our shores. Along with the Gulf Stream water, floating debris such as bamboo sticks and light patches of Sargassum weed are being pushed in and under this lurk the Mahi mahi, also known as dolphin, dolphinfish and dorado. Dolphin are a beautiful fish with a multitude of colors, a strong fighting ability including sizzling runs and spectacular acrobatics. A trophy gamefish by all standards.

 On Thursday, October 16 th, the anglers who fished aboard the Lady K found a brisk, cool breeze and moderate 3 to 5 foot seas to greet them after passing the north jetty of the Boynton Inlet. Captain Allan motored the Lady K out into the deep violet waters in search of snapper and other pelagic gamefish species……

Artie Cushman of Palm Springs, Florida (L) and Norm Levenson of Boynton Beach, Florida (R) both caught this beautiful pair of Mahi mahi or dolphin. Mr. Levenson caught his 28 pound cow dolphin using a 20 pound spinning outfit while free-lining a sardine and Mr. Cushman used a 25 pound test conventional outfit while also free-lining a triple hooked sardine to land his 30 pound bull dolphin.

 Both fish were caught during the morning or 8 to 12 trip along with catches of kingfish, vermillion snapper, Triggerfish and other bottom fish. With the brisk winds, it’s imperative to make sure you have a good amount of line out to hook into these fish. Although it’s not uncommon for dolphin to make a showing right in front of the boat, where their flashing blue, green and yellow colors will astound you in the deep, clear violet water.

Chuck Kinser of Lake Worth, Florida (L), Artie Cushman of Palm Springs, Florida (C) and Tri Nguyen of Boca Raton, Florida (R) caught these dolphin while fishing on the afternoon or 1 to 5 trip. Mr. Nguyen caught his 8 pound bull dolphin while using one of the boats rods rigged with a one ounce knocker rig and triple hooked sardine. Mr. Cushman fished with us again in the afternoon and landed his 6 pound cow dolphin using the same technique that worked for him during his earlier trip. Mr. Kinser caught his cow dolphin while using one of the boats rods rigged up with a 3/4 ounce knocker rig and triple hooked sardine. All three of the fish were caught around a floating bamboo stick and all three anglers had at least one hundred yards or more of line out when the fish ate their baits. Great job gentlemen!

 The afternoon trip also had one more small dolphin follow a bait up to the boat (without eating) and two larger dolphin, in the teen to twenty pound class, which showed up just feet from the boat but ignored the baits that were around them. Well, that’s fishing, but a good show none the less. Again, Captain Allan put us on the vermillion snapper…….

 Bob Sang of Lake Worth, Florida caught his limit of snapper while fishing on the bottom using cut squid. The vermillion snapper are a beautiful deep, cold water snapper with a very mild flavor. Their diet consist mainly of small fish, crustaceans and invertebrates. When the conditions are right, our captains can place the boat right over the fish so anglers can pull up two fish at a time for a fresh and tasty dinner after the days adventure.

 Stop on down to the dock and check out our catches, say hello to the captains and crew or ask about our VIP and group rates. We are looking forward to helping you enjoy an offshore experince of a lifetime!

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