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Blackfin Tuna, served rare

Jim’s 30 pound Blackfin Tuna was the high hook catch of Friday’s morning trip. Perfect job Jim.

This week the fishing has really picked for anglers braving choppy conditions both before and after the passing cold front.  The northwest winds pushed down huge schools of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish, Then as the winds turned more north and east, schools of Mahi Mahi in the 5 to 15 pound started showing up along with some Gag Grouper and King Mackerel.

Junior angler Dylan gets a helping hand at the display board with Mahi Mahi caught by him and other anglers  during an afternoon trip this past weekend. The fish were caught by anglers free-lining or using either a one ounce knocker or sliding rig and a sardine for bait. Excellent job Dylan, keep up the great work!!!

Clear conditions and moderate seas led these lucky anglers to some fantastic Mahi Mahi fishing and a nice Gag Grouper during the Veteran”s Day holiday.

Chilly and choppy conditions brought this group of anglers some nice Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel and even an Atlantic Sharpnose Shark back to the dock. The cleaning table has been very busy preparing fillets for the grill or frying pan.

 The birthday girl caught this beautiful bull Mahi Mahi on a light spinning tackle. Is it me or does that fish match her shirt? Great job and Happy Birthday, the crew hopes all your wishes come true throughout the year!

 This angler visiting from New Jersey received some excellent tips and instructions which assisted him in boating his first Mahi Mahi.

 Big Mahi Mahi like this 17 pound cow caught during Monday’s afternoon trip can be found mingling with the smaller schooling sized fish. This is a wonderful fish to fight as they flash their colors alongside the boat and perform spectacular aerial displays. Don’t let the big one get away, plan a four hour offshore adventure day aboard the Lady K!

 Nightly fisherman and VIP angler Mark shows a tasty Yellow-eye Snapper caught during an evening trip aboard the Lady K. These fish are generally found in deep water but this particular one was caught in 80 feet of water. Mark also caught King Mackerel, Bonito and had a few other large fish on during a recent night trip.

This is also the time of year that the anglers aboard the Lady K have an opportunity to witness a Sailfish free-jumping or even hook-up on one of these pelagic acrobatics. Enjoy the next series of photos taken of a sunset Sailfish hooked by Mark, the fish frayed through the leader just shy of coming alongside the Lady K for more photos and being released………..

A few summer-time dolphin (mahi Mahi) and football sized Black-fin Tuna have been delightful catches aboard the Lady K  during late July. Anglers fishing both light spinning outfits and boat rods can catch these tasty fish by reeling their baits close to the boat when the fish show up alongside the Lady K.

During the right conditions, snapper fishing has been great during the evening. Young Matthew caught his limit of Mangrove snapper to bring home for dinner and had fun catching plenty of Jacks, Grunts and Porgies throughout the four hour trip. Cut sardines have been the best bet for the Mangrove snapper while cut squid has proven deadly for Lane snapper.

Schools of Kingfish have been showing up during late July and are being taken on all three daily trips by anglers fishing sardines all throughout the water column. Fish to 25 pounds have been caught during the morning and evening trips while average 8 to 12 pound seem to feeding during the afternoon.

Great Barracuda are toothy predators which enjoy dining on Kingfish, Snapper and other game-fish as they are being fought up to the boat. Sometimes they will eat dead sardines drifted over the reef like the one pictured above did on an afternoon trip. Anglers should make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and water to drink while fishing during these next few months of summer, especially during the morning trips.

 A full box of fish came back to the dock after a Friday morning trip. Anglers caught their limit of King Mackerel along with a Cobia, Yellow-tail and Mutton Snapper, Rainbow Runners, Banded Rudderfish and False Albacore. The fish hit triple hooked sardines and ballyhoo  fished either on top lines or while spooling the bottom.

 Junior VIP angler Max caught his seven pound Mutton snapper while fishing a ballyhoo on a knocker rig just before Easter. We didn’t know the Easter bunny knew how to scuba dive!

 Anglers spooling the bottom with bait-fish or fishing jigs tipped with either cut squid or fresh shrimp have been catching their limits of Yellow-tail Snapper. Other snapper species that have also been produced include Mangrove (Gray) Snapper, Lane Snapper, Mutton Snapper and even a few Dog Snapper.

 Anglers fishing during the night trips have been landing King Mackerel up to 30 pounds while fishing light wire leaders and fishing various depths. The evening trips are a cool alternative for those anglers who wish to beat the heat but don’t forget that the afternoon trips are also very cool while fishing under the shade of the boat with an ocean breeze caressing your face.

  May is just around the corner and the crews of the Lady K are looking forward to a another great month of fishing. Come join the excitement with your family and friends today fishing aboard the Lady K!

     Vermillion Snapper season re-opened April 1st and when the conditions are just right many anglers who are fishing on the bottom can catch their limit of these tasty fish in no time. The bag limit for Vermillion (also known as Red-eyes) is 5 fish per person per day and a size limit of 12 inches total length.

 Bottom fishing is still producing good numbers of Porgies, Grunts and Snapper such as the Yellow-tail Snapper shown above (center) in a heavily mixed basket. Night fishing has been producing Lane and Mangrove Snapper for many anglers wishing to beat the heat of the day-time trips.

 On their way to fishing many of Florida’s great fishing destinations, this couple fished aboard the Lady K during a recent morning trip and brought back a nice King Mackerel. One of the highlights of their trip was the 12 foot Hammerhead Shark that swam by the boat along with many sea turtle sightings.

  Sunday brought a sailfish release on the morning trip and three more hook-ups during the afternoon trip this past weekend giving everyone onboard a fantastic show of tail-walks, back-flips and greyhounding runs. Come on out to enjoy a short four-hour offshore excursion fishing under the Florida sun aboard the Lady K. Drop ’em down and catch ’em up.

 While searching for King Mackerel and Snapper, the captains of the Lady K have been finding nice Cobia, a big surprise for some lucky anglers. The Cobia will often travel in pairs or small pods of a dozen fish or so. Having a bait close to the boat and jigged around a little could be just enough to entice a following fish to eat. Cold-weather Cobia always receive warm-hearted hugs back at the dock like the 45 pound fish pictured above.

 In addition to the passing of the cold fronts, the Lady K has been releasing quite a few Atlantic Sailfish this week. Fish up to seven feet long have been hitting sardines free-lined for King Mackerel by anglers fishing medium-heavy spinning tackle in the 15 to 25 pound line classes. Bottom fishing has been producing good numbers of Porgies, Gray Triggerfish and other reef fish while knocker rigs continue to jig up King Mackerel of  various weight classes.

 Come on out and cast a line for a chance to hook that catch of a lifetime. Our experienced crews will serve all your angling needs, from tying on rigs and baiting hooks to fishing tips and techniques. The low-cost of your four-hour excursion includes every you need for an enjoyable angling experience, just bring your favorite beverage and some snacks or grab a Fisherman Special to go from the Kona Bay Cafe located right at the dock. Have a great day fishing aboard the Lady K.

The year of 2010 earmarked some great catches aboard the Lady K. Anglers fished all through many different conditions, from cold blustery winter days, into those hot and humid still summer mornings, beyond the rain-soaked choppy conditions of tropical storms – here are just a handful of memories from throughout the seasons of 2010………………………..

A mild South Florida winter day saw this 50 plus pound wahoo come aboard the Lady K during a January afternoon trip………….

Winter also brought some smoker sized King Mackerel over the reefs of Lantana, Florida – many larger than the anglers who caught them…..

The hard cold days of February and March brought resplendent smiles to those who landed large African Pompano……….

Bottom fishing during the winter always brings a unusual visitor up from the depths – who could forget Jenny’s Febuary Flying Gurnard?……

Early spring brought cool mornings and warm afternoons, but the fishing was hot with King Mackerel, Dorado (dolphin), and Cobia showing up……….

Big spring time Mutton Snapper found their way home to dinner after the mid-day sun warmed things up a little……………….

Cobia were in full force during May with the Lady K limiting out at six fish per trip and Dorado in the mix………………

The big Black-fin Tuna started showing up at the end of May and continued pushing anglers to their limit throughout June…………..

Full boxes of fish kept everyone busy, both on the rail and at the cleaning table………………………..

Summertime brought us some great night-time fishing with Mangrove snapper and King Mackerel……………………………….

along with quite a few double-digit Mutton Snapper during the afternoons……………………………

The Bull Sharks did eat quite a few nice fish before they could be brought aboard the Lady K, so remember this summer to REEL FAST – REAL FAST……………………………….

What a Snag…………. during periods of heavy rain, freshwater is flushed out through spillways to prevent flooding and during these times it’s not unusual to see fresh water fish floating in the ocean. This Largemouth Bass was barely alive when it was “snagged” by an angler using a guppy rig while fishing close to the Boynton Inlet aboard the Lady K and really surprised the entire crew.

July and August saw many anglers catching their limit of Yellow-tail Snapper aboard the Lady K……………………………

August also brought some hot Wahoo fishing to anglers fishing both “flat” lines on spinning outfits and while using boat rods…………………

Early September is when these big Mutton Snapper can be found out deep as well along the shallower reefs…………………………

October brought Black Grouper aboard the Lady K as well as a fall run of King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish…………………….

The beautiful copperish-gold color of the Schoolmaster Snapper marks Florida’s changing colors for fall………………………..

November starts the fall run of Cobia such as this 30 pound fish caught aboard the Lady K. The fish generally migrate along the beaches during the fall and winter following large stingrays but will also stray out over the areas wrecks and reefs in search of baitfish……………………

Fall Dorado average between 6 to 15 pounds and always light up the rail with excitement as they flash their colors and display wonderful acrobatics. Dorado can be caught during the winter time but will usually be smaller “peanut” sized fish…………………..

November King Mackerel will average between 8 to 10 pounds with a few fish in the 20 pound range taken by anglers using triple hooked sardines. One of the best ways to catch kings is to set your line out and leave the rod in a holder, waiting for the reel to scream……………….

November brought some big swells to the Boynton Inlet and some good fishing was to be had beyond the break……………………………………

Many colorful ornamental reef fish, such as this Queen Triggerfish, have been photographed and released by anglers fishing the waters of South Florida for the first time. There are over 200 different species and sub-species combined of reef fish found in the home waters of the Lady K but only a small fraction of them are caught on hook and line.

Rays like the Cow-nosed Ray pictured above and Southern Stingrays (below) are an uncommon catch aboard the Lady K. Large specimens are cut loose at the boat while smaller, more manageable fish may be brought aboard for a quick photo opportunity before being released.

Near freezing temperatures in December brought plenty of football sized Black-fin Tuna aboard the Lady K by anglers fishing chunk baits, small sardines and while trolling between fishing spots.

Not every day of December was cold. There were plenty of mild days filled with sunshine and offshore surprises such as this large Ocean Tally – an excellent eating member of the Triggerfish family and one worthy of a photo for the bragging board.

Winter time Mahi Mahi averaged four to six pounds but sometimes a 20 plus pound fish can be found underneath a school of smaller fish. King Mackerel and wahoo are also frequently caught under schools of small Mahi during the winter months so don’t be afraid to drop a bait 20 feet or more below a school of fish – you may be rewarded with a big surprise.

Sailfish are a winter by-catch for the Lady K and sometimes the vessel will see multiple hook-ups of this majestic gamefish both before and after a cold front moves through the area. Have a camera ready for some spectacular acrobatics during the battle or when the fish comes up to the boat flashing colors of neon blue, purple, silver and gold.

We hope you enjoyed the snap-shots of some of the great catches, both big and small, brought aboard the Lady K during the 2010 seasons. It has been a privilege for all of us at BarJack Fishing to serve all of the anglers who have fished with us this past year and we look forward to continuing the commitment of professionalism, education and safety to make everyone’s offshore fishing experience relaxing, fun and memorable.

And what would the Lady K be without some photos of our Lady anglers and junior (K)ids division?

A very good student! The young lady on the right caught her fourth fish ever after receiving instructions from the crew, what a nice Wahoo!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

A thumbs up review for a first time King Mackerel catch, great job!……………………………………..

A Cow-nosed Ray surprised this young angler while fishing a bottom rig with cut squid…………………………………………

D is for Dolphin and Delicious and Delightful and a job well Done……………………………………

Light spinning tackle and some small Dorado were the perfect match for some hot catch and release action, great job Dillon……………

Crestwood Middle School show off their catch during a field trip they took aboard the Lady K during the fall. The Lady K is also the official vessel for the West Palm Beach Fishing Foundation “Kids Fishing Day” during the summer and we look forward to our 24th year!…………………………………………………..

Bonito (aka False Albacore) are hard fighters and sure to give any junior angler a memory of a lifetime just about any time of the year. Although the fish are generally caught during the summer, they can also give anglers a battle during the fall and winter as well……………….

Fishing is about building memories with family and friends, giving children the chance to experience achievement and opening their minds up beyond video games or other inept and inert activities. The young man above battled his first ever Mahi Mahi for 15 long minutes being encouraged by his family and the entire boat to continue when he thought he couldn’t do it, the reward was accomplishment and a great memory sure to last a lifetime!

In closing, everyone at Barjack Fishing would like to thank all of our patrons for choosing the Lady K as their vessel of choice for fishing southern Palm Beach county and allowing us to help build fond memories of quality time with family and friends alike in the old traditional Florida way – fishing.  We look forward to an exciting 2011 fishing season with all of our anglers, young or elder, novice or experienced and residents or visitors; it is our pleasure to serve you and all your fishing needs.

Happy New Year!!!!  May your dreams become accomplishments and your prayers be answered.

 The Spotted Trunkfish is a rarely caught tropical reef fish. The Lady K may only catch several of these fish per year by anglers fishing bottom rigs and cut squid. The beautiful violet colors and turquoise to silverish spots, along with their unusual shape, make this fish an excellent candidate for a replica fish mount.

 Just one wonderful trip out of many for Christmas week. This afternoon trip found anglers battling Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel and False Albacore – filling up every nail on the board. The King Mackerel have started showing up with anglers catching fish between 6 to 15 pounds during the morning and afternoon trips. The best way to catch the mackerel is by using a sardine rig and either leaving the rod in a rod holder or by slowly reeling the bait back to the vessel.

 Stumpy the Pelican is back for another year! Stumpy has been visiting the Lady K every year for the past several years. He patiently waits on the rail for photo ops and a sardine or two. When you come out on the Lady K, keep an eye out on the stern rail as we head back to the dock and have your camera ready as Stumpy snatches a snack like the photo below……………

 The Lady K will be in full operation for the rest of this year and throughout the New Year, including New Years Eve and New Years Day. We are looking forward to another great fishing season as 2011 opens new and exciting possibilities for rare or unusual sightings of marine life and more excellent catches of Cobia, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel, Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Sharks and much more……….. get hooked on a new adventure today – fishing aboard the Lady K!

 Some of the students from Crestwood Middle school display their catches of Mutton snapper, Kingfish, Gray Triggerfish, Porgy and a Pomfret which were taken while fishing triple hooked sardines during a chilly December morning field trip. Some students also caught and released Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks up to three feet long while also having a chance to witness a free-swimming Sailfish as it cruised past the bow during their offshore excursion.

 The Pomfret is a very unusual catch aboard the Lady K. The fish can be caught during the months of December and January by anglers using sardines or small jigs tipped with squid. The Pomfret has bright silvery sides when first taken from the water and are good table fare.

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