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“Wonderful afternoon out fishing today with Captain Bruce and crew! Capt. shared some cobia with some of us and it was the best fish I’ve ever eaten! I can’t reccomend this crew and boat highly enough!! They are all interested in all of us having a great day and catching fish. You can’t go wrong with this crew!!

Jon S.


Thanks again for a great fishing trip. We enjoyed ourselves each day. David loved catching the shark. We will recommend you and your boat to everyone. We will see you in 1 year.

Thanks Capt. Frank for a great night fishing trip.  Ben and I had the best time and we will only be going out with Bar Jack Fishing in the future.  Both Capt. and crew were the best, very attentive, made sure that everyone had a great time.  A great boat.  If you’ve been looking for a great time fishing, go out on the Lady K, you will really enjoy the boat, crew and most of all you catch fish.  Can’t wait for the next trip we go out on, wish we could go everyday, but once a week will do.  Thanks again for the great time and all your crews hard work.  We brought home our first king fish to try.

Thank You Captain Bruce, Captain Danny and all the Lady K Crew for a nice get away from the cold Iowa weather around the 1st of January and again around the 1st of March 2013. As always we were able to bring a lot of fish back home to Iowa. I have been one of the boats customers for around 35 years. When I was a teenager my Dad used to take my brothers and I around to all of the different Drift Boats around the West Palm Beach area and we decided the B-Love Fleet was the best out of all of them. The B-Love is now in New York and the Lady-K has taken it’s place in Lantana Florida. The Boat has changed but still under the same management and they are an Awesome Team. Some of the many reasons why my family and I have continued fishing with the Lady-K are. 1. Cheap Price. 2. They treat all customers very well with Great Attitudes. 3. The crew takes their job very serious, they want you to catch fish and will do everything they can to make that happen. 4. If you have never Drift Fished the crew will take time to show you how. I’m looking very forward to next winter.

Keep Those Lines Tight and Thanks,


My brother and I went on your afternoon trip on the 20th of Feb,2013 (he was down visiting from VA.).  My family members have been going out on the Lady K for many years and have caught many fish.  On this trip I landed my first big Cobia (27lbs.).  What a great fish.  The crew and the capt,(Danny) helped me land that beauty.  They talked me right through the whole process and did a fantastic job of getting that baby on the boat. I also was able to win the big fish pool, what a great trip. My brother was very impressed with the capt., and crew.  We both had a great time, (my best trip so far) and am
looking forward to the next one.   Tight lines and thank you for a very enjoyable fishing trip. Trey and Mike

Just want to say thanks to Al, Spencer, and Rich for another awesome fishing trip 12/12/10 on the Lady K. We went on the morning trip and everyone caught fish, some more then others. Al hasn’t lost his touch finding hot spots, he’s the best there is. You people that listen to the weather forcast to check on the sea’s. Don’t go by what the Weather Man has to say.  Go ask or call the Lady K crew, they know what’s going on in the ocean. Or you may miss out on a great day of fishing. Keep those fish on with the Lady K.

Thanks, Rick S

I had a great time on the Lady-K today (Sunday 12-19-2010).  Our Captain James was awesome as well as Bruce and Spencer.  I caught my first fish ever on your boat and I will never forget that experience!

Thank you! Sarah

Thank you for accommodating us on the fishing trip last week.  The students really enjoyed it and had a good time.  Again, it is the buzz here in Royal Palm Beach.  Next year in the spring we hope to return 2 more times.

Thanks, md

Just wanted to say thanks to Captain John, and the Mate (Bruce) that worked with John on the 1:00 – 5:00 trip 2/21/10. The two of you did a great job that day.   My Mom, Brother, and I had a awesome time. We fish with you guys two times a year and will continue because you are the best crew around. Everyone on 2/21/10 was catching fish.  Captain John did a awesome job finding hot spots. I have been on many other fishing boats around the West Palm Beach area but you guys are the best. Keep up the good work.


Rick S.

Burlington Iowa

I would like to thank John and all of his crew for showing my father and I a great time fishing on the lady K drift boat. We went out at least 10 times each over 2 weeks and decided it was John and his crew that we wanted to spend our time and money with.

We enjoyed all of your crew they did not treat it like a job but like something they enjoy doing and capt John did not hesitate to get his hands dirty and jump right in and help out. I feel that is what made the trips so nice for my father and I.

As a owner of A 5 acre paintball field and store for over 10 years,and a lawn care service for 5 years, I know if you do not have people skills and enjoy what you are doing then you should find another line of work. Make your clients smile and they will be back, and we will.

Thank You again John and his crew and we enjoyed meeting his wife and kids also.

Thank You,




I am not sure who this is going to but I hope that it is the owner of the company. I wanted to say thank you very much for giving my family the time of their lives while we were on vacation last week. There were 6 of us in our party on Friday and we caught 19 fish between us all. 4 of them King Fish. We had so much fun that my family and I were back on Sunday to do it all over again. I wanted to express my thanks to 3 men who made it all possible, Capt. Al, Anthony and Bruce. These men deserve so much more credit than they recieve. Each man went out of their way to help us as I had an 11 year old Girl and a 9 year old boy. They needed a ton of help and Anthony and Bruce were right there all of the time, helping bait the fish, untangle the lines as Bruce says those who angle together tangle together and my children did a ton of that.  Bruce and Anthony were non stop action from the time we got on the boat to the time we got off the boat never stopping always helping. I am sure it was not fun for them but they never showed it and helped me and my children real in some very nice fish. They made our vacation one to talk about and the photos of the fish are story tellers every night. I would like to email you photos and show you. Please let me know how I can do that. We vacation in Florida every year twice a year and you will have customers for life with us. I did notice 1 disturbing thing when getting off of the boat. These men work for tips as they say and I watched as person after person gave them a dollar or two. 4 hours of work for 1 dollar tip. I must say I felt ashamed for these men as they worked extremely hard and got very little to show for it from some of these people. I am not preaching but just trying to show how much I appreciated what they did for me and my family. It was the single handed most fun we have had as a family in a very long time. Thank you Anthony, Bruce and Capt. Al. THE BEST EVER WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!

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