Terms and Conditions


  • The Lady K is a USCG Inspected Vessel and is subject to the guidelines of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 46. 
  • The Captain has the ultimate authority aboard the Lady K.
  • The Captain or Mate will have a safety briefing aboard the Lady K before departure. 
  • Bar Jack Fishing is not responsible for the loss or damage of any passenger’s personal items.  
  • The USCG Certificate of Inspection limits the maximum persons aboard the Lady K to 49 passengers and 2 Crew. 
  • The minimum number of passengers we require to make a trip is 8.
  • All passengers are required to know the location of the life jackets in the Lady K’s cabin under all seat cushions.
  • Life Floats are located above the cabin and will be deployed by crew members in an emergency.
  • Fire extinguishers are located port and forward in the cabin.
  • Male and female restrooms are located aft in the cabin.
  • No passenger access is allowed below main deck or in the wheelhouse of the Lady K.
  • It is the responsibility of the passenger to know their limits in regards to sea conditions and seasickness and to take any seasickness medications necessary. Seasickness on its own will not be reason enough for the vessel to return to safe harbor.
  • No weapons are allowed aboard the Lady K

Rules and Guidelines

  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the departure time at Sportsman’s Park Marina.
  • All vessel travel times to and from fishing locations are included in the 4 hour length of the trip.
  • Fishing licenses, bait and tackle are included while aboard.
  • No guarantees are made to actual fish catches and no refunds will be offered based on catch.
  • Customers may bring their own personal tackle, limited to 2 rods and reels. A rod and reel is provided while aboard the Lady K.
  • Customers will be held liable for loss or damage to our equipment, tackle, or vessel due to their own negligence. The replacement cost of a lost overboard rod and reel is $250.
  • No braided line is allowed for drift fishing.
  • No treble hooks are allowed on the Lady K.
  • All customers are required to act safely and to be considerate of other passengers and crew.
  • Captain’s reserve the right to return to safe harbor in the event of unsafe or disrespectful behavior by passengers.
  • Captain’s reserve the right to allow or disallow alcohol aboard the vessel with a strict limit to 3 cans of 12oz beer or equivalent wine.
  • Intoxicated passengers will not be allowed to board the Lady K.
  • A water cooler is located aft of the cabin for all passengers.
  • You are welcomed to bring food and drinks aboard with a small cooler.
  • Crew will offer to clean fish on arrival back at the dock.
  • All catches will be checked for legal size and limits. Passengers may keep legal fish catches.


No reservations are required to fish with us on the Lady K. Payments are due upon arrival at our dock located at Sportsman’s Park Marina. A minimum of 8 passengers is required for each trip to sail.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled trips due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or mechanical issues without prior notice. If at our discretion we cancel a trip, we will refund the purchase price of the tickets with a receipt. Captain’s may have an earlier or later departure due to any circumstances or weather conditions.