Day or Night – Good Fishing Continues

A few summer-time dolphin (mahi Mahi) and football sized Black-fin Tuna have been delightful catches aboard the Lady K  during late July. Anglers fishing both light spinning outfits and boat rods can catch these tasty fish by reeling their baits close to the boat when the fish show up alongside the Lady K.

During the right conditions, snapper fishing has been great during the evening. Young Matthew caught his limit of Mangrove snapper to bring home for dinner and had fun catching plenty of Jacks, Grunts and Porgies throughout the four hour trip. Cut sardines have been the best bet for the Mangrove snapper while cut squid has proven deadly for Lane snapper.

Schools of Kingfish have been showing up during late July and are being taken on all three daily trips by anglers fishing sardines all throughout the water column. Fish to 25 pounds have been caught during the morning and evening trips while average 8 to 12 pound seem to feeding during the afternoon.

Great Barracuda are toothy predators which enjoy dining on Kingfish, Snapper and other game-fish as they are being fought up to the boat. Sometimes they will eat dead sardines drifted over the reef like the one pictured above did on an afternoon trip. Anglers should make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and water to drink while fishing during these next few months of summer, especially during the morning trips.



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