Fishing Fireworks

 The bright neon blue lines highlight the reddish-orange Mutton snapper like fireworks in the night sky. The size limit for Muttons is 16 inches overall. These snapper can grow upwards of 25 pounds although most catches average two to five pounds, summertime is an anglers best bet for landing larger specimens.

 The distinct black eye-spot toward the rear of the fish is used for thwarting predators and is a dead giveaway to identifying this great tasting fish. Nice fish Brad!

 Yellow-tail snapper continue to bite while the Lady K drifts over the local reefs and wrecks. These fish are caught all throughout the water column by anglers using both light tackle and boat rods. On some days passengers can see the fish free-swimming just under the boat among other species such as Rainbow Runners, Bonito and Jacks.

 A few anglers are still catching King mackerel while fishing for snapper and Bonito continue to feed along with them. Plan a trip today for an inexpensive four-hour trip where you can relax while watching sea turtles basking under the Florida sun. This is your day aboard the Lady K.

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