Boynton Beach Bottom-fishing Brings Smiles

  A large Schoolmaster snapper shows off its white bars back-dropped by a copperish-yellow back and sunburst fins aboard the Lady K. These beautiful predatory fish can grow to 24 inches and feed on fish, crustaceans and squid. They also hang together in small schools numbering into the dozens, hovering just over the bottom and along deep ledges.

 This ten pound Black grouper graced the decks of the Lady K during a hot morning trip bite. Black grouper can be characterized their black edged soft dorsal, ventral and caudal fins along with the dark “kisses” marked along the side patterns of the fish. These fish can grow to 80 pounds and may exceed over 100 as they feed mainly on fish and squid.

 The Lady K has also had great afternoon catches this week including Rainbow runners weighing into the double digits. Mr. Campany’s fish weighed in at 11 pounds back at the dock after being caught while fishing over a local wreck. Rainbow runners are members of the amberjack family and regarded as excellent table fare, often called the “poor man’s” dolphin and reaching weights of up to 39 pounds.

 Whether your fishing for food or just for fun, come on out aboard the Lady K and enjoy the Florida sun.



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