Lady K Allows for Great Days of Fishing

 A big thumbs up accompanies an award-winning smile from one of the Lady K’s women anglers this week. The feisty King mackerel put up a great battle and had captain Bruce wary of the teeth as he held the fish up for a quick photo. This was the young lady’s first ever saltwater fish and proves any inexperienced angler can land a fish when assisted by our experienced crews.

 This 40 plus pound Cobia was caught by one of the Lady K’s VIP anglers. Nelson brought the fish to the boat despite four attempts from a large Bull shark who tried to make a dinner of Nelson’s cobia. With plenty of Bull, Sandbar and Hammerhead sharks around, it’s imperative that anglers get their catch up to the boat as quickly and calmly as possible to prevent the sharks from “stealing” their catch.

Looking for an inexpensive get away this summer? Come on out aboard the Lady K and relax on a four-hour ocean excursion. If you enjoy fishing a lot then ask about our VIP program at the ticket booth or use the contacts page from this site for more information and discounts. Also, don’t forget that the Lady K can be chartered for up to 48 passengers, perfect for fishing clubs, company events and intracoastal cruises.



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